What Does the Gospel Have to Say to Disabled Persons?

 If evangelism is taking the Good News of help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless, shouldn’t we be concerned about taking it to the most helpless and hopeless?


Transitioning the liturgy

Lee Gatiss castes a gimlet eye over the bishops guidance on gender transition


TEC suspends statute of limitations defense in clergy sex abuse claims

From January 1, 2019 until December 31, 2021, those who wish to bring a case of sexual misconduct against a member of the clergy will be able to do so, regardless of how long ago the alleged misconduct occurred.


Assessing the Anthropology and Hope of the Gender Revolution

Jeff Walton reports on a presentation on gender confusion given at the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic synod


Church of England crosses red line as it blesses “genital mutilation”

The bishops "have authorised a baptismal-based liturgy for transgender transitions claiming it is 'rooted in scripture'."


US Govt releases 2018 International Religious Freedom report

Pakistan added to the list of "countries of particular concern" over religious persecution.


AMiE responds to transgender Baptism(ish) liturgy

"The House of Bishops has denied the teaching of Jesus Christ", says Andy Lines


Cairo Citizenship Roundtable with Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon

Bishop Mouneer and the Diocese of Egypt recently hosted a remarkable inter-faith dialogue event in our All Saints Garden Conference Center.