Archbishop of Canterbury hosts disability conference at Lambeth Palace

Welby says it is "vital" for the Church to engage in "deep listening to those with lived experience of disability"


Christian or Atheist - everyone has beliefs

‘Chaqu’un a son god’: On the trail of the truth- the clash of world-views and their ethics


Episcopal bishops shoot down BDS call against Israel

House of Bishops rejects Deputies call for boycott and disinvestment from Israel over Judea and Samaria


Cuba rejoins the Episcopal Church of the USA

Bishops and deputies unanimously welcome reunion of the Diocese of Cuba with the Episcopal Church


GAFCON's letter to the churches - Where did it come from?

Prof. Stephen Noll outlines the preparations of GAFCON III's letter to the churches


The young are the most open towards Christianity, British study finds

A new survey commissioned by Hodder Faith & Home for Good indicates that perceptions of Christianity may be shifting – post-millennials are the most open of all generations towards Christianity


Bishops reject Prayer Book revision

Bishop Greg Brewer reports on Day 7 of General Convention


How big is General Convention?

Attendance details for the 79th General Convention in Austin


SE Asia breaks with CoE diocese over gay advocacy

Singapore, Sabah, Kuching, and West Malaysia vote to end relations with the Diocese of Lichfield