Harare bishop's term of office extended to year's end

Central Africa's archbishop to allow Bishop Chad Gandiya to stay in office six months after reaching retirement age


Bishop of Central Zimbabwe elected

Dr Ignatius Makumbe elected on 22 March 2018 to succeed Bishop Ishmael Mukuwanda


Nelson diocese votes to stick with the New Zealand church

Synod votes to support local option on gay blessings, but restates its traditional views on sexuality


Court of Appeal rules against gay marriage priest

Court dismisses appeal of Jeremy Pemberton against the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham for discrimination because he contracted a same-sex marriage


Archbishop of Canterbury’s “relationships” task group plans Season of Repentance and Prayer

Provisional plans for a season of repentance and prayer across the Anglican Communion next year have been put forward by the Task Group which was 


Presiding Bishop, others begin campaign to ‘reclaim Jesus’ in US culture

A group of Protestant and Roman Catholic leaders, including Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, have begun what they call a campaign to “reclaim Jesus” from those who they believe are


The Illuminated Heart by Peter Jensen

Lenten meditation from the GAFCON secretary general


Stephen Hawking to be interred in Westminster Abbey

Physicist's ashes to be interred in the Abbey near the grave of Sir Isaac Newtown


Church of England brings cashless transactions to its congregations

The Church of England announced today that it is making contactless, virtual terminal, and SMS mobile payments available for congregational giving