Church of the Province of South East Asia


Cambodia Anglicans Chart a New Path

The IRD's Jeff Walton reports from Phnom Pen


"None Should Perish" conference opens in Singapore

The Church needs to change its mindset and focus with more urgency and passion on what will last forever Archbishop Moon Hing told the 2017 Singapore mission conference


Sharia law push for Malaysia

Islamist political leaders in Malaysia have introduced a bill to introduce Sharia law across the South East Asian nation.


Church condolences upon the death of the King of Thailand

The Anglican Church in Thailand has offered its condolences following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej yesterday


Christians under fire in Laos

As the ASEAN summit gets underway in Laos in South East Asia, Release International is calling for an end to Christian persecution in the host nation.


Claims that a Muslim cleric is an ex-Episcopal priest are lies, bishops declare

The Archbishop of South East Asia have asked the Malaysian government to investigate claims made by a Muslim preacher that he is a former priest of the Episcopal Church.


Singapore bishop urges Anglicans not to attend Madonna concert

The Rt. Rev. Rennis Ponniah issues biblical exhortation on Anglican attendance at the 28 Feb 2016 Rebel Heart Tour concert in Singapore.


SE Asia archbishop installed in Kuala Lumpur

The Bishop of West Malaysia, the Most Rev. Ng Moon Hing, was installed as Archbishop of the Church of the Province of South East Asia today at a ceremony in St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur.


Archbishop rebukes Muslim slurs against Christian missions to Borneo

Archbishop Bolly Lapok has criticized a leading Islamist politician for claiming Christian missionaries had converted the Dyaks of Borneo by fraud after their own faith had been rejected by the elites of England