Church of England


Jayne Ozanne on 'Spiritual Abuse'

Claims that gays suffer spiritual abuse at the hands of traditional Christians fail to convince, Martin Davie writes


Welby is guilty of rank hypocrisy

Justin Welby has thrown George Carey to the wolves.


Lord Carey to step down as Hon. Assistant Bishop of Oxford

Former archbishop to step back from Oxford ministry in light of criticisms raised of his handling of the Peter Ball case


Church of England responds to report on the Bishop Peter Ball inquiry

A report on the sexual misconduct by a disgraced Church of England bishop makes for “harrowing reading," the Archbishop of Canterbury said today. 


Welby responds to Finsbury Park mosque incident

The appalling attack on Muslims in Finsbury Park is an attack on us all


Vatican defends Anglican appointment to the Pontifical Academy for Life

Canon Nigel Biggar accused by traditionalists of holding views at odds with Catholic teaching on abortion


Bishops statement on resignation of Liberal Democrat leader

Bishops of Carlisle and Penrith lament the resignation of Tim Farron MP as Leader of the Liberal Democrats


Anglican appointment raises Catholic hackles

Traditionalist Catholics criticize appointment of Prof. Nigel Biggar to the Pontifical Academy for Life


Canterbury honors announced

Gay Rights Campaigner honored by Canterbury for "outstanding service to the church" 


Essex parish votes of "no confidence" in bishops' leadership

Chelmsford parishes voice concern over bishops' "failure to teach sound doctrine".


Preventing Schism in the Church of England

"Is schism the biggest, or even the only, heresy in today's church?", askes James Oakley.


Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the British General Elections

yesterday’s election was a powerful and vivid testimony of our enduring faith in the values of peace, freedom and democracy