Church of England


Turks squeeze Christ Church Istanbul

Speculation Welby's Ankara visit has thrust Anglican chaplaincy into the war between Erdoğan and the West


Diocese of Oxford suspends two priests

Timothy Davis suspended for two years for "spiritual abuse" and Jonathan Wilmot for three years for adultery


Peeping Tom priest suspended for 7 years

Suffolk priest caught filming men in public toilets


New wave Anglicanism arising in England

Not an end, but a new beginning - James Paice tells Thomas Creedy the future will be a mixed economy of Anglican churches 


Saudi Crown Prince visits Lambeth Palace

Archbishop Justin Welby hosted a private meeting with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, HRH Mohammed bin Salman, at Lambeth Palace


Discombobulated by Welby? You will be!

[Justin Welby] doesn’t know if he is chief pastor to his flock or pretend economist to the nation


Christian Life in Exile

Rod Dreher interviews Peter Sanlon about the state of faith and freedom in England


Securing a Future or Stockpiling Whitewash?

Peter Sanlon speaks to the Anglican Partnership Synod in Rochester on what must be done