Anglican Church of Kenya


Schism in Kenya's Kitale diocese

Tribal jealousies prompt Pokoot people to seek to form their own diocese based in Kapenguria


Welby urges Kenyan political leaders to set aside differences for the good of the country

Sermon given by the Archbishop of Canterbury at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi marking 100th anniversary of All Saints Cathedral


Kenya gathering focuses on including persons with disabilities

WCC brings church leaders from across East Africa to talk about inclusion of the disabled in the life of the church


Court upholds award for damages for priests defamed by their bishop

Kenyan court dismissed appeal of order to reinstate three priests falsely accused of homosexual conduct by their bishop


Islamist terror attack on Kenyan church

Al Shabaab suspected in attack that killed two policemen in Ukanda


Hard truth about soft power

Charles Raven writes in Evangelicals Now on how Canterbury uses its influence to manipulate the Communion


Plea for calm following Kenyan general election

Church leaders in Kenya have called for calm in the wake of last week’s General Election.


East African drought appeal

As drought and famine grip East Africa, stricken Christians cry for help


Kenyan church says no to sex ed. classes

Archbishop Sapit asks govt to consult with all "stakeholders" in developing state sexual education curriculum


Kenyan archbishop's election pastoral letter

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit asks politicians to refrain from appealing to tribal and sectarian passions as the country prepares for national elections