Homily for the Feast of Christ the King

Power, politics and telescopes. The Sunday before advent


Does God have a gender?

Gavin Ashenden discusses the nature of God with BBC Newsnight


Blackburn Cathedral is Muslim territory after Islamic call to prayer

Jules Gomes examines the theological consequences of permitting the muzzein's call in an Anglican Cathedral


Homily for the Second Sunday before Advent

Leading the elect astray - the heresy of inclusivity


Cathedrals and Contradictioun

Gavin Ashenden comments on the Islamic call to prayer controversy at Blackburn Cathedral


Diocese of Oxford: a case study in radical inclusion

[F]rom 2013 Archbishop Justin Welby and his team developed a new policy of gradually making the church more LGBT friendly while avoiding stirring up opposition 


+Love's Last Stand

AS Haley reviews the Love letter on gay marriage in Albany


Homily for Remembrance Day

Gavin Ashenden preaches on "War, evil and the Gospel"


Secularism on the march: The abolition of marriage and family

Address by Prof Stephen Noll to Uganda Christian University's Africa Policy Centre in Kampala