Double standards in the church?

Chris Sugden and Vinay Samuel ask why the Church of England's leadership has a selective sense of outrage


Anything goes in today's Church of England

The Church of England has gone mad today, And good's bad today, And black's white today, And day's night today, observes Jules Gomes


Compassion for the lost

Bishop Trevor Edwards looks at Australia's 2016 religion census


The curious case of the archbishop who could not sleep

Jules Gomes writes "Church says you can choose to be gay but not to be straight"


Synod puts sex before the horrors of Christian persecution

General Synod has lost the plot of the Christian story, Jules Gomes writes.


Sunday Sermon -- Trinity 3 -- Jesus the Savior of the World v Jesus the Fake Therapist

After the General Synod of the Church of England redefine Jesus and redefine holiness, the Gospel rebukes those who exchange the truth for a fake to soothe their bodies at the expense of their souls.


Sin at Synod- How the Church forbad forgiveness.

Gavin Ashenden looks at what General Synod hath wrought in its decision on banning therapy


Privilege and the use and abuse of power

Gavin Ashenden reflects on the abdication of proper authority within British society