Sermon for the 2nd Sunday after Epiphany

God's Break-in to the human heart; the Lamb who was slain.


How important is sex, asks Peter Jensen

GAFCON leader reflects on faith, sex and the public square


Affirmations and Resolutions

There is something about the gung-ho attitude of New Year's Resolutions, writes Gavin Ashenden, that always fails to convince me


Christmas Eve homily 2017

The birth of Jesus, the savior of addicts by Gavin Ashenden


Un-justin Welby and the innocence of George Bell

"Let him live by the same standards that he imposed on the elderly George Carey," writes Gavin Ashenden about Justin Welby.


Christmas note from AS Haley

As Advent slides into Christmas, I should explain my extended silence on this blog.


Fisking Bishop Fearon

The Lambeth Establishment takes on the Global South


Safe-space Sarah

Jules Gomes offers his views on the appointment of Sarah Mullally