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Canadian diocese to go ahead with gay marriage

Bishop of Rupert's Land "convinced time has come" to institute same-sex marriage


Reform objects to Virginia bishop's appointment in Liverpool

"Susan Goff will be the only overseas Assistant Honorary bishop who does not reside in this country," conservative evangelical group warns


Continuing Indaba director steps down

Dr Phil Groves, who for the past 10 years has led the Anglican Communion’s Continuing Indaba conflict transformation and reconciliation ministry, is to leave his post at the end of July to return to parish ministry.


Vale -- the Rev Prof. John Webster

The Revd Professor John Bainbridge Webster, DD, FRSE 1955-2016


Fulani favoritism could lead to civil war, Okoh warns

"These notorious activities of herdsmen are capable of dragging the country into another civil war," warns Archbishop Okoh


Bishops urges international mediation in Central American border dispute

The Bishop of Belize has urged his country’s territorial dispute with Guatemala be referred to the International Court of Justice for mediation


Kunonga plea for judicial relief

Oral argument was heard last week before the Zimbabwe Supreme Court on the petition of Dr. Nolbert Kunonga to set aside a judgment of $427,89 awarded the Diocese of Harare


Ancient Cross donated for display in Open Treasure

A crucifix found on the site of the Battle of Neville’s Cross has been donated to Durham Cathedral to feature in a metal-work display as part of the Open Treasure exhibition experience


Jutland commemorations at the grave of Jack Cornwell VC

AB Alex Saridis visited the grave of Jack Cornwell VC, his great great uncle, hero of the Battle Jutland at Manor Park Cemetery


Ugandan archbishop denounces syncretism

Choosing Christ means rejecting the demonic world, Archbishop Ntagali tells AI


PEARUSA bishop translated to Diocese of the Carolinas

Bishop David Bryan elected first suffragan bishop of ACNA's Diocese of the Carolinas


Tutu license lifted before, not after, her SA wedding

Dispute over whether Tutu ceremony was a "blessing" or "celebration" of a same-sex marriage


Oxford disputes veracity of Tutu blessings report

The Diocese of Oxford has disputed the accuracy of Anglican Ink's article on the Tutu same-sex ceremony in South Africa


Albany statement on Egan guilty plea

"Tragically, the events of December 23rd and Fr. Egan’s ultimate guilty plea have cast a shadow on all the good work he had done." -- Bishop Love


Guilty plea on Peeping Tom charges for Albany rector

The Rev. Adam Egan entered a guilty plea before a magistrate in Colonie, NY to one count of Attempted Unlawful Surveillance in the Second Degree.


Same-sex ceremony conducted with Oxford bishop's permission

The acting Bishop of Oxford authorized one of his clergy to perform a same-sex blessing. 


New dean appointed for Washington National Cathedral

The Rev. Randolph Hollerith appointed dean of the Cathedral Church of St Peter & St Paul in Washington


An Open Pastoral Letter to United Methodists

Another General Conference has ended and you are feeling betrayed, angry and sad about the brokenness of the church. Is there a way forward?


Indian dioceses release election manifesto

The Church of South India’s six dioceses in the state of Kerala have released their first political manifesto in the church’s 69 year history


Plan to merge Irish dioceses shelved

A motion to reduce the number of Church of Ireland dioceses from 12 to 11 was withdrawn from consideration from this week’s meeting of General Synod.


Buddhist monks invade Burmese church

Church leaders in Burma have urged Anglicans to show restraint in the face of provocations by Buddhists in Karen State


Toronto archbishop calls for reorganization to address demographic decline

Archbishop Colin Johnson read this statement to Diocesan Council on May 19, recommending that the Diocese continue with four episcopal areas at this time and seeking its concurrence with his request for the election of a third suffragan bishop on Sept. 17. 


Welcome for new Kenya archbishop from GAFCON

We thank God for the gifts that Archbishop elect Sapit brings to his Church


Welcome for new Kenya archbishop from Uganda

We have been praying for the election and believe that God’s will has been done. -- Stanley Ntagali


Welcome for new Kenya archbishop from ACNA

I am delighted to hear the good news of this election. -- Foley Beach


Retired Wyoming bishop to serve Lexington during its bishop's suspension

The Rt. Rev. Bruce Caldwell will serve the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington as its provisional bishop following affirmation from the clergy and laity attending a Special Convention on May 14


Call to action from the president of the Anglican Environmental Network

Bishop Ellinah Wamukoya of Swaziland urges Anglicans to take action to protect the earth and its creatures


United Methodists Quit Abortion Coalition

United Methodist General Conference votes to require church boards and agencies to withdraw immediately from an organization that advocates for abortion on demand


Profile of Kenya's next archbishop

Official biography of the new Archbishop of Kenya, Jackson Ole Sapit


Jackson Ole Sapit elected Archbishop of Kenya

Bishop of Kericho elected to succeed Eliud Wabukala as archbishop and primate


NZ Synod punts action on gay marriage to 2018 meeting

Evangelical church leaders have applauded last week’s decision by the General Synod to postpone action on church blessings for same-sex civil marriages


Chairman of the Churches Conservation Trust appointed

Her Majesty The Queen has today approved the appointment of the former Shadow Secretary of State for Culture Peter Ainsworth as Chairman of Trustees of The Churches Conservation Trust.


Kenyan archbishop election set for Friday

A new Primate and Archbishop for the Anglican Church of Kenya is to be elected this week at a special meeting of synod held on 20 May 2016 at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi (pictured).


Cape Town priest ends hunger strike

A South African priest has ended her hunger strike following the intervention of the Archbishop of Cape Town


Interim Dean appointed for TSM

Dr Laurie Thompson appointed interim dean and president of the Ambridge seminary


God's Word Written conference set for Vancouver

ANiC sponsored conference will "explore the literary and historical evidence regarding the reliability of the Bible."


Honorary DD for Hong Kong Archbishop

Paul Kwong to be honored by Church Divinity School of the Pacific


ECUSA Loses (Again) in Quincy; San Joaquin Seeks Review

It is "deplorable that the new Presiding Bishop of ECUSA sees fit to allow his litigators to continue to waste the Church's trust funds and pledge income on litigation for purely punitive purposes. One has to wonder, when it comes to going after realigning dioceses and parishes, just who is in charge of ECUSA"


Bruno court win in St James Newport Beach battle

Orange County Court rules a deed restriction given by the original grantor of the land to the church that requires it only to be used for religious purposes is not enforceable. 


Pope open to discussion of women deacons

Pope Francis has opened the possibility that women could be ordained as deacons in the Roman Catholic Church.


US Supreme Court overturns govt's contraception mandate

The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled the government cannot fine the Little Sisters of the Poor for refusing to pay for contraception services under Obamacare. 


Illinois Appeals court rules dioceses can leave TEC and keep their property

"In their unanimous decision of May 13th, the Appellate Court for the second time ruled that our Diocese had the ability not only to leave the Episcopal Church, but also to keep all of our assets."


AU 229 - He didn't say that!

Justin Welby and the ACC Lusaka are still in the news this week... just the not good news section.


NZ dean stood down over 25 year old adultery charge

The Bishop of Waiapu has suspended the Dean of Napier Cathedral on the grounds of adultery committed 25 years ago. 


UMCA honored in Malawi

The memory of the Universities Mission to Central Africa (UMCA) was honored last week in Malawi at the site of its second mission station in the country. 


Inquiry launched into sex offenders participation in parish life

A Brisbane parish is under fire for allowing two defrocked priests -- convicted paedophiles -- to serve as readers in the parish. 


Indigenous Bible launch for Paraguay

Translators working in Paraguay have announced the publication of the first ever Bible for the Southern Enxet people [Éxnet Sur], an indigenous people group living in the Gran Chaco region


Farewell service for Archbishop Wabukala of Kenya

The Archbishop of Kenya bid farewell to his church last Sunday at a ceremony marking his retirement.


Bishop Bruno hearing date set

Discplinary hearing date set for June 20 for LA bishop


Bishop denounces illegal land enclosures

Moderator of the Church of North India calls upon the government to protect untouchables driven from village commons


Beeson Divinity School and ACNA Forge Partnership

Beeson Divinity School’s Certificate of Anglican Studies Recognized by the Anglican Church in North America


Cambridge scholar criticizes Marrakesh Declaration on Muslim treatment of religious minorities

Sheikh Michael Mumisa a research scholar at Trinity Hall at the University of Cambridge, has offered the first and most detailed blistering intellectual critique of the “Marrakesh Declaration


Michael Curry welcomes appointment to primates Task Force

Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry has been named by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to an Anglican Communion Task Force to “maintain conversation” among the Primates.


Bishop of St Asaph designs four royal beasts for the last round pound

THE DESIGN of the last commemorative round pound, launched Tuesday, has been created by the Bishop of St Asaph on behalf of The Royal Mint.


No comment on claims Welby spun ACC16 falsely

The Archbishop of Canterbury will not comment on claims he had not been entirely straightforward in his characterization of the agreements reached by the Anglican Consultative Council at their Lusaka meeting


Church Society marks JC Ryle's 200th birthday with new book

Details of Stand Firm and Fight On: JC Ryle and the Future for Anglican Evangelicals -- this year's new book for the Bishop Ryle Fund.


ACNA's largest parish calls new rector

Paul Donison of Ottawa to succeed David Roseberry as rector of Christ Church, Plano TX


Welby names members of TEC task group

A task group has been appointed to “maintain conversation” among the Primates of the Anglican Communion as requested during the Primates’ Gathering and Meeting in Canterbury Cathedral in January.


ACC secretary general defends Welby over Lusaka criticism

"The response of the ACC was clear and its support for the Primates was clearly expressed” Dr Idowu-Fearon said.


Muslim greetings for new bishop of Madras

The Nawab of Arcot, Prince Mohammed Abdul Ali, has praised India’s Christian community for its outreach to non-Christians


Archbishop calls for Igbo to resist Fulani raiders in South East Nigeria

The Archbishop of Niger has warned that Nigeria is at risk of an ethnic civil war unless the government puts and end to the depredations of Fulani cattle herders against farmers in Nigeria’s middle belt and southeast.


Bruno hearing set for June 20

Misconduct charges filed against LA bishop to be heard by Title IV Conference panel next month


Welby wrong in saying ACC Lusaka endorsed primates critique of TEC

Outgoing standing committee members reject Justin Welby's assertion the ACC  "accepted [the] consequences entirely” of the January primates gathering


AU 227 - Jesus never voted

Social media tells us the world is over if we are stuck choosing between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. Thankfully scripture has something else to say.


Minimum wage hike makes no economic or moral sense, archbishop argues

Raising the minimum wage makes no economic sense, the Primate of Nigeria said last week, telling reporters that a government mandated hike in wages would see young people and those on the margins of society forced out of the workforce. 


Hamas denounced for destroying Christian archeological site

A Palestinian Anglican priest has denounced Hamas for bulldozing the remains of a 1500 year old church uncovered during construction work last month.


Court date for bishop on corruption charges

The Church of South India’s bishop in Vellore will appear before a government tribunal this week to respond to charges of corruption.


Jefferts Schori appointed visiting professor at CDSP

Ex-PB to teach course "The Public Square: Engaging Emerging Opportunities"


Arctic diocese set to re-open training school

The Arthur Turner Training School (ATTS) will open its doors again this fall, spearheading diocesan education across the Arctic from its new location at St. Jude’s Cathedral in Iqaluit.


Pakistan diocese mourns murder of Sikh leader

Diocese of Peshawar denounces murder of Sardar Soran Singh


Gavin Ashenden considers the Pecksniffs of climate change

Making decisions, scientific or moral, Gavin Ashenden observes require "a pubic engagement without mockery, fear or suppression."


AU 226 - Self Identities Revealed

TEC has a sexual identity crisis this week and the ABC doubles down on happy happy primates....


'Holding together in diversity' -- Justin Welby

Archbishop Justin Welby reflects on the recent Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Lusaka. 


Claims that a Muslim cleric is an ex-Episcopal priest are lies, bishops declare

The Archbishop of South East Asia have asked the Malaysian government to investigate claims made by a Muslim preacher that he is a former priest of the Episcopal Church.


Apologies for slavery unhelpful, Barbados bishop argues

"I am not sure what an apology would do at this stage,” said Bishop Rufus Brome 


Lambeth Palace denies Justin Welby said homosexuality is 'morally wrong'

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s staff have questioned the veracity of quotes ascribed to the Most Rev. Justin Welby in an interview published with the Harare Sunday Mail.


NC Bishops back transgender bathroom rights

Bishops say new law refuses "Refus[es] to understand the complexity of the lives of transgender persons and criminaliz[es] nonproblematic behavior by members only of that community"


Anglican - Catholic meeting on the theology of ordination

Communique from the fourth international meeting of the Malines Conversations Group


Corruption investigation launched into Dar es Salaam bishop

A provincial inquiry into charges of financial misconduct by the Rt. Rev. Valentino Mokiwa has been launched by the East African Church


Nairobi bishop denies forgery charges

" I deny having forged any letter, God is my witness," says Bishop Waweru 


Response to the ​Pastoral Letter ​from the Bishops of the Church in Wales

M B Davie's response to the Pastoral Letter issued by the Bishops of the Church in Wales, considering the letter from a theological perspective.


Pittsburgh election results

Unofficial election results from the Diocese of Pittsburgh, 23 April 2016


Insolvent Australian diocese to sell church schools & properties

The Synod of the Diocese of Bathurst in the Anglican Church of Australia has authorized its bishop, the Rt. Rev.


Earthquakes rock Japan, Myanmar and Ecuador

A series of earthquakes rocked the Pacific rim, leaving several hundred dead in Myanmar, Japan and Ecuador.  On 13 April 2016 a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck Myanmar.


Tribal tensions temporarily shutter seminary

The Bishop of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa has issued a call to prayer following tribal clashes in Western Ethiopia.


Pittsburgh elects Jim Hobby bishop

Georgia rector elected bishop of ACNA Diocese of Pittsburgh


From Canterbury to Lusaka

"The future of the Anglican Communion does not lay with manipulations, compromises, legal loopholes, or the presentation of half-truths ..."


Communique from the April 2016 GAFCON Primates Meeting

Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria elected chairman of the global reform movement


San Joaquin files for rehearing

Yesterday the attorneys for the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin (of which your Curmudgeon is one) filed a petition with the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Fresno to grant a rehearing 


Mugabe meeting for Archbishop Welby

Homosexuality is morally wrong, the Archbishop of Canterbury, told a Zimbabwean newspaper this week, but should not be criminalized.


ACC adopts resolutions on final day

On its last day of deliberations, the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Lusaka, Zambia, has adopted 44 resolutions addressing issues of environment, ecumenical relations, Youth and Family Li


Hong Kong primate elected ACC chairman

The Archbishop of Hong Kong has been elected chairman of the Anglican Consultative Council.