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Bishop reports Harare calm in wake of Wednesday's coup

Dr Chad Gandiya: "whatever changes are in store for us, these take place in a peaceful manner"


Zimbabwe Council of Churches statement on Mugabe ouster

"The heads of churches call for prayer, peace, respect for human dignity, a transitional government of national unity, and national dialogue"


Pastoral statement on Zimbabwe by Archbishop Chama

Archbishop of Central Africa offers prayers for Zimbabwe following military coup


Fort Worth in impaired communion with some ACNA dioceses

Bishop Jack Iker: " I will no longer give consent to the election of any bishop who intends to ordain female priests"


Feminism and gay marriage have poisoned the C of E

Justin Welby and his cronies must be banging their heads wondering why they did not make Gavin Ashenden, the former Queen’s Chaplain, a bishop.


Martial law in Harare

Army denies coup underway -- mission to protect President Robert Mugabe


Letters to the Times

Gavin Ashenden writes to The Times about its coverage of trans-gender issues


Homily for the 3rd Sunday before Advent

Gavin Ashenden looks at Matthew 25, the parable of the 10 bridesmaids


Christian math teacher facing disciplinary hearing for calling pupil born female a 'girl'

Joshua Sutcliffe admits saying “Well done girls” when he addressed a group of students including the pupil in question.


Nashotah House announces death of Associate Dean Rick Hartley

It is with great sadness that Nashotah House Theological Seminary announces the unexpected passing of the Rev. Richard (Rick) S. Hartley,


David Ould looks at the Australian marriage survey results

Well, Australia has voted “yes” in the much-debated Postal Survey on marriage


Statement by the Bishop of Chichester on the resignation of Lorna Ashworth

Lorna's testimony is a timely reminder of the Church's call to be, within the society of our own time, conformed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and his kingdom


Statement from Archbishop Davies on the same-sex marriage result

Protecting individual freedoms - freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of faith - need to be balanced with the move to address same-sex marriage.


Coalition for Marriage Statement on Australian marriage vote

Of 12.7 million Australians who took part in the government survey, 61.6 percent voted yes and 38.4 percent voted no, officials announced on Wednesday morning, with 79.5 percent of voting-age Australians sending back their postal ballots.


Homophobic bullying and CofE schools

The Church of England's guide is "not a Christian document".


The Anglican Planet talks to the Rev. Jake Worley

The following conversation took place between Sharon Dewey Hetke and The Rev. Jake Worley in May, 2017, following Worley’s election as bishop of the Diocese of Caledonia on April 22, 2017, and the Provincial House of Bishops’ majority decision not to approve his election.


Reading the Newspaper Through Richard Pryor's Eyes

The cynicism so many readers have towards the mainstream media arises in part from the worldview articulated by Richard Pryor -- "Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” from his 1982 film “Live on the Sunset Strip”.


SC protestant leaders file Amicus Brief in Episcopal Church case

106 religious leaders endorse brief filed with state supreme court in support of the Diocese of South Carolina


Bishop of Maidstone laments resignation of Lorna Ashworth

Bishop Rod Thomas says he will stay and fight for the reform and renewal of the Church of England


Archbishop of York statement on the resignation of Lorna Ashworth

"I am convinced that the Church of England remains faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ and will move forward rooted in the Christian faith as we have received it."


Ashworth's letter of resignation

"There are many like myself, who long for clear and courageous biblical leadership from the bishops of the Church of England and we will pray to this end."


Settlement reached in Newport Beach

Accord reached between the Diocese of Los Angeles and the congregation of St James the Great, Newport Beach


No selfies during mass, Pope Francis tells Catholics

"Please! Mass is not a show: ... Remember: no cellphones,” says Francis


South African diocesan synod affirms GAFCON's Jerusalem Declaration

Any nominee for bishop of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth must affirm the 2008 statement from the GAFCON Conference in Jerusalem


New Zealand bishop translated to the CoE

Helen-Ann Hartley to be suffragan Bishop of Ripon in the Diocese of Leeds


West Indian archbishop urges repeal of Jamaica's sodomy laws

West Indian Anglican bishops were “intellectual apostates" Evangelical leaders claim for their support for decriminalization of sodomy


Welby urges Kenyan political leaders to set aside differences for the good of the country

Sermon given by the Archbishop of Canterbury at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi marking 100th anniversary of All Saints Cathedral


All Saints Day message from Archbishop Okoh of Nigeria

[W]e are part of something much more glorious than we can see or even imagine.



Britain believes in not believing

We are unanimously agreed that we believe in not believing in anything


Lutheran-Anglican commission releases faith guide

Archbishop Foley Beach announces publication of agreed doctrinal study guide prepared by the Anglican Church in North America and the North American Lutheran Church 


Commonwealth War Graves Commission launches foundation

Foundation mission to educate the young on the sacrifices made by soldiers killed during the wars of the Twentieth century


Presiding Bishop on Texas Church Shooting

"I invite you to pray that God’s will might be done"


Egypt's Christians paying the price for 'peace'

The promises of Egypt's national government are often not put into practice by local officials


Pray for Egypt

The Bishop of Egypt, Dr. Mouneer Anis, and the clergy of Egypt issue call to prayer for their nation


Removing George Washington

Mark Tooly reflects on iconoclasm in Alexandria


CPG urges General Convention not to change the clergy 'defined benefit' retirement plan

Moving to a defined contribution from a defined benefit plan was 'irresponsible' report to General Convention stated


Archbishop Makgoba: The ANC’s time may have passed

Cape Town archbishop sees change in South Africa's political future


Religious test for ACNA judicial nominee

An Episcopalian member of the US Senate grilled a nominee for the Federal Judiciary over his membership in an ACNA congregation, asking if his beliefs would prejudice his work as a judge.


Welby sermon marking 500th anniversary of the Reformation

Sermon preached at Westminster Abbey today, during a service marking 500 years since the start of the Reformation.


Sermon for the Last Sunday after Trinity 2017.

Judgement and the Church of England:-an exercise in 'discernment'. 


Oregon bishop accused of fraud

Civil suit filed after Labor Bureau and Church investigation reject claims lodged against Bishop Michael Hanley


Kenya gathering focuses on including persons with disabilities

WCC brings church leaders from across East Africa to talk about inclusion of the disabled in the life of the church


Conservative evangelical elected Bishop of Caledonia

The Rev. David Lehmann, regional dean of the Upper Mackenzie, in the diocese of the Arctic, has been elected bishop of the diocese of Caledonia.


Divisions over Christian essentials on view at Hereford synod

Vote for gay blessings congruent with Welby's call for "radical inclusion" says Bishop Frith


Letter to the editor of The State from the former Bishop of South Carolina

As one who has taught history for more than two decades, I can confidently assert that the national church was carefully founded not to be an hierarchical church.


Dan Martins out at Nashotah House

Springfield bishop not re-elected to the board, forcing him to step down as its chairman


A Pyrrhic Victory in San Joaquin

What would you say of a trustee who spent $6.8 million of his trust fund's money to recover just $1 million?


Snowflake parents in safari-park meltdown

Jules Gomes comments on the news of parents protesting a Church of England school for being too Christian 


"None Should Perish" conference opens in Singapore

The Church needs to change its mindset and focus with more urgency and passion on what will last forever Archbishop Moon Hing told the 2017 Singapore mission conference


Hereford calls for gay blessing rites

Diocesan resolution to go to the Church of England's General Synod for action


Nashotah House prof dies in boating accident

Statement on the death of Daniel Westberg from Nashotah House


Court upholds award for damages for priests defamed by their bishop

Kenyan court dismissed appeal of order to reinstate three priests falsely accused of homosexual conduct by their bishop


Slander suit filed by Believers Church against the CSI

Indian churches at odds over apostolic succession of Archbishop KP Yohannan


Recife conference brings together Anglicans in mission

Passion for Gospel Centered Unity and Mission were emphasized at the Caminemos Juntos conference in Brazil


Nigeria slams stage managed primates meeting

It seems it is now ‘officially’ possible to teach the opposite of what the Bible teaches and still be fully part of the Communion


New moderator elected for the Church of North India

Deputy Moderator PC Singh, BIshop in Jabalpur, elected moderator by the 16th General Synod in New Delhi


Communique from the Council of the Church in East Asia meeting in Rangoon

The Archbishops and Bishops committed themselves to pray and work for peace and harmony in the world in the light of religious extremism and violence.


Life as God’s gift

An ongoing push in Australian parliaments for euthanasia or “assisted dying” has been unanimously rejected by Sydney’s Synod


Ferrying the Primates across the rubicon: Lambeth Resolution I.10 and the 2017 Primates Meeting

The 2017 Primates’ Meeting was an attempt, using the prestige of Canterbury and funds from New York, to undo Lambeth I.10 and the Global South movement that resulted from it.


Prime Minister backs Church of England drive to eradicate modern slavery

The Clewer Initiative helps the CoE's 42 dioceses work to support victims of modern slavery and identify the signs of exploitation in their local communities.


Former Bishop of Chester under investigation for child abuse

Statement from Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu and Bishop of Chester. Dr Peter Forster


Reforming Marriage talks at Leicester Cathedral

Dean of Leicester reports on Bishop's plea to change marriage to meet evolving cultural circumstances


Pastoral letter from the bishops of the Reformed Episcopal Church on women's order

[REC] retains its conviction that the threefold-ordained ministry of bishop, presbyter, and deacon are reserved for males only


Bishop worships at the altar of the State

Jules Gomes comments on the Bishop of Buckingham's call to remove legal protections from the CoE in the face of pro-gay pressure from the govt


Statement on cancelled sale of Newport Beach property

Though sale cancelled, bishop will only permit St James Newport Beach to be reopened as a bishop's chapel


St James the Great still locked out

Sale of Newport Beach parish falls through, however bishop will not allow the congregation to return


101 years later, peace at last for RFC aviators

In a moving ceremony near The Somme in France, the final resting place of two RFC aviators has finally been marked exactly 101 years after their deaths


Parliamentary committee proposes govt registration and oversight of all churches

Proposals to ban snakehandling and curtail fraudulent ministers an overreach of authority by the state, church leaders say


First bishop for India's newest diocese

Dr Oommen George consecrated as Bishop in Kollam-Kottarakara


Sydney synod focuses on mission

Sydney Archbishop Glenn Davies has used his Presidential Address as a rallying call to stand firm in proclaiming the gospel.


Judges Who Are Indifferent to Injustice

It is a sad day for judicial integrity in South Carolina when its present and former judges ... circle the wagons around one of their own


Cape Town parish firebombed

Student protester arrested for arson attack on St Mark's in District Six


Justin Welby Broadway Bound

Jules Gomes gives the Archbishop of Canterbury the Lerner & Loewe treatment -- casting him in the ecclesial edition of 'My Fair Lady'


Anglican primates meeting abandons the Scottish faithful

[T]he “consequences” agreed to at the 2016 Primates’ meeting have been all but ignored


UK Unity Forum meets

Women clergy not in the cards for British traditionalists


Presiding Bishop's remarks at the close of the primates' meeting

Bishop Michael Curry addresses the Episcopal Church about this week's meeting in Canterbury


Bishop Andy Lines responds to the Primates' Communique

The document does not criticize false teaching, but focuses on ‘border crossing’ as if it is more harmful.


Primates' Meeting Communique

Statement released on October 6, 2017 by the primates of the Anglican Communion meeting in Canterbury


Atlanta Corcordat

Statement of full, institutional and organic union signed today by four continuing churches