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Julio Murray of Panama elected Archbishop of Central America

Bishop Julio Muray has been setting out his hopes and vision after he was elected the new Primate of the province of Central America (IARCA).


Tasmania leads the way on redress

Nearly half of all church properties to go


Communique from the Entebbe GAFCON primates meeting

In Jerusalem, we shall propose that the Panel of Assistance be expanded to form a Council of Advisors which will enable all levels of the Church (bishops, priests, deacons and laity) to be represented. 


GAFCON adopts moratorium on women bishops

Entebbe meeting of GAFCON primates resolves not to consecrate further women bishops until a consensus in favor of the innovation is reached


Recife received as an Anglican province by GAFCON

The Primates of the GAFCON movement have affirmed the election of Miguel Uchoa, Bishop of Recife as the first archbishop and primate of the Anglican Church in Brazil


Tanzania reaffirms its impaired communion with the Episcopal Church

"From now onward be informed that we are not having any church partnership," Archbishop Chimeledy tells the Episcopal Church.


Melbourne priest given suspended sentence for child porn conviction

Philip Murphy's sentence was suspended after the judge held his crimes did not involve real children


Death penalty for church bandits in Nigeria

Court sentences three men to be hanged for kidnapping and shooting


Irish prayers for God's intervention in the "fodder crisis"

Cold and wet weather has seen many farmers "run out of fodder to feed their cattle"


The religious roads leading inexorably to a Syrian apocalypse

ISIS views the war in Syria not as a struggle against Assad, but as the apocalypse which will usher in the return of the Madhi and the defeat of the anti-Christ by a Muslim Jesus, writes Jules Gomes


Report from the Entebbe GAFCON primates meeting

For more than 15 years there has been a crisis of authority in the Anglican Communion.


The serious fight for truth

As Robert Fisk interviews the doctor at the Douma clinic in Syria who claims the injuries were caused by dust, Gavin Ashenden questions our own Establishment’s reliance on propaganda.


Ministers encouraged to talk about vocation in new campaign

CoE launches campaint  to have its 30,000 lay and ordained ministers to hold at least one conversation a month about vocation with someone different from themselves, 


Long Island priest murdered

The Rev. Paul Wancura died this week at age 87 from injuries suffered during a home invasion last month at his home.


TEC Fort Worth parish to offer transgender support

St Stephen's in Hurst to offer resources for those in transition


Recife forms the Anglican Church in Brazil

Bishop Miguel Uchoa to be the province's first primate and archbishop


MECHRIC Denounces Syrian Bishops for Anti-US Statement

If the US does not stop this now, where will it end? Will other inconvenient minorities be next


Patriarchs of Antioch condemn allied bombing of Syrian military targets

The allegations of the USA ... that the Syrian army is using chemical weapons and that Syria is a country that owns and uses this kind of weapon, is a claim that is unjustified and unsupported by sufficient and clear evidence


Syria, censorship and ‘The t/Times’.

Gavin Ashenden questions The Times' cheerleading for war in Syria


Former Nigerian govt minister denounces Welby's ties to the Buhari regime

"You should bow your head in shame and ask God for forgiveness," writes former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fadi-Kayode


Archbishop of Polynesia announces retirement

Winston Halapua to step down in August, with his successor scheduled to be elected in January


Why Christians must rub salt in society’s wounds

The church becomes irrelevant precisely when it marries the zeitgeist 


Contention 2: "Taking sweet counsel together”

The second installment in Prof Stephen Noll's series on the Anglican way


Rape indictment handed down against retired WNC priest

Howard "Howdy" White, Jr., indicted on historic rape and abuse charges


Bishops, blackmail and the child benefit cap

Sixty bishops have turned their mitres into begging bowls on behalf of the would-be parents of Great Britain.


Bishop of Liverpool's address at the launch of the Ozanne Foundation

Bishop pledges his support as a member of "Team Ozanne" to change the church's teachings on human sexuality


Episcopal Church joins call for end to Gaza violence and measures to protect Palestinians

Bishop Michael Curry has added the Episcopal Church’s name to a joint statement protesting Israel’s deadly response to the violence.


How RE lessons can reduce prejudice and improve community relations

With hate crime on the rise in UK schools, researchers are calling for schools and policy makers to adopt new approaches to reduce prejudice and foster positive community relations.


CoE applauds govt decision not to regulate Sunday Schools

Dept of Education had proposed state supervision for Sunday Schools as well as Madrassas to fight terrorism


Generation Y still hope to walk down the aisle

Millennials still value marriage with almost three quarters of those who are unmarried (72%) intending to tie the knot, according to new research by the Church of England.


Bishop of New Caledonia elected

James Tama to be consecrated on 12 Aug 2018


Police, music, faith and insanity.

When the state goes mad and doesn’t know it.


‘I’m on about Jesus’

Archbishop Glenn Davies has put the furore over an Instagram post by star Rugby player Israel Folau in context, saying all people should turn to Jesus.


Church in Wales urges government not to bomb Syria

The church's Governing Body adopted a motion calling for "calling for concerted diplomatic action" not war in Syria


Stephen Hawking and Christian Faith

Fr Emmanuel Hatzidakis writes "smart [Hawking] is; he is just not wise."


Church reopens in ‘joyful scramble,’ heralds reconciliation efforts with Los Angeles Diocese

An Episcopal congregation in Southern California that had been barred from its church for three years amid a property dispute with the diocese has returned to the church with a spirit of reconciliation and hope.


Fort Worth will file appeal in Texas Supreme Court

We remain hopeful that we will prevail under neutral principles of law should the Texas Supreme Court address this controversy


Archbishop Okoh's Easter letter

GAFCON chairman offers prayers for the safe release of Leah Sharibu


ACNA call for nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for election to the Executive Committee of the Anglican Church in North America and two Provincial Courts


What is the Global Anglican Communion?

Prof Stephen Noll on the new identity of Anglicanism


Texas Court's Mighty Labor Is in Vain

The Second District Court of Appeals in Fort Worth has labored long and hard over the appeal taken by the Episcopal Church (USA) and its local diocese and parishes


Prager’s Rational Bible – inspiration sprinkled with gold dust

Jules Gomes reviews Dennis Prager’s commentary The Rational Bible: Exodus – God, Slavery, and Freedom


Diocese of Fort Worth (TEC) statement on Appeals Court ruling

The Episcopal parties and congregations look forward to the resolution of this matter and the trial court’s enforcement of the Court of Appeals’ opinion.


A blessing not a burden: why every child should be valued equally

The following letter, expressing concern about the consequences of the two-child limit policy for children and families was signed by sixty bishops and representatives from other faith groups a


Bishop of Salisbury speaks out on nerve gas murder attempt

The Bishop of Salisbury has thanked those who have supported the city since the nerve agent attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal.


Gay blessings report goes too far and not far enough says FCANZ

Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans New Zealand says proposal for diocesan option on gay blessings is problematic


Easter sermon of the Archbishop of Canterbury

The resurrection confronts us with the challenge of our own decisions about Him. Do we put our lives in His hands and find life and hope, or do we seek to live our own way?


CSI Calvary – the compelling case for the Resurrection

What happens when an atheist detective takes the skills he uses to solve cold-case murders and applies them to the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth?


Easter sermon of the Archbishop of Cape Town

We must take the new life [of the resurrection] to every dark place, every oppressive situation, to all exploited people and unjust structures.


Archbishop of Canterbury releases new film about coming to faith

This message is at the heart of the Thy Kingdom Come campaign, which encourages Christians  to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know Christ.



Kenyan archbishop hits out against a lawless government

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit calls upon the executive branch of the government to obey court rulings


Bishop endorses lifting Ireland's abortion ban

Pastoral letter from the first Anglican bishop to come out in favor of eliminating the Irish constitution's anti-abortion clause.


Muslims must prove their religion is one of peace

The new ‘hate-laws’ require us to determine if Islam is a religion of peace; the judiciary is muddled; a comparison with Jesus helps.



Easter message from the Archbishop of Uganda

If you want to have eternal life, turn to Jesus Christ. Choose this day whom you will serve!


Manx priest jailed for abuse

52 months imprisonment for priest who molested three girls


Easter message from the Prince of Wales

Charles voices support and concern for persecuted Christians


Update on response to Papua New Guinea earthquake

Anglican Alliance report on earthquake relief efforts in Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea church backs ecumenical earthquake response project

Magnitude 7.5 earthquake in Papua New Guinea has left hundreds dead and many more homeless. 


Sexual violence against children and girls is a crime against humanity

Statement by the Archbishop of Melanesia, the Most Rev.  George A Takeli, on sexual violence


Pastoral letter from Canterbury and York at the close of the IICSA abuse hearings

Justin Welby and John Sentamu write at the conclusion of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) hearing for the Church of England and Church in Wales.


A call to resist.

Gavin Ashenden talks about same-sex marriage and the sexuality and gender revolution we're currently undergoing in the West.


Truth is the scapegoat for Pilate Welby

Why isn’t Welby calling for the resignation of his opposite number in York, asks Jules Gomes.


Harare bishop's term of office extended to year's end

Central Africa's archbishop to allow Bishop Chad Gandiya to stay in office six months after reaching retirement age


Bishop of Central Zimbabwe elected

Dr Ignatius Makumbe elected on 22 March 2018 to succeed Bishop Ishmael Mukuwanda


Nelson diocese votes to stick with the New Zealand church

Synod votes to support local option on gay blessings, but restates its traditional views on sexuality


Court of Appeal rules against gay marriage priest

Court dismisses appeal of Jeremy Pemberton against the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham for discrimination because he contracted a same-sex marriage


Archbishop of Canterbury’s “relationships” task group plans Season of Repentance and Prayer

Provisional plans for a season of repentance and prayer across the Anglican Communion next year have been put forward by the Task Group which was 


Presiding Bishop, others begin campaign to ‘reclaim Jesus’ in US culture

A group of Protestant and Roman Catholic leaders, including Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, have begun what they call a campaign to “reclaim Jesus” from those who they believe are


The Illuminated Heart by Peter Jensen

Lenten meditation from the GAFCON secretary general


Stephen Hawking to be interred in Westminster Abbey

Physicist's ashes to be interred in the Abbey near the grave of Sir Isaac Newtown


Church of England brings cashless transactions to its congregations

The Church of England announced today that it is making contactless, virtual terminal, and SMS mobile payments available for congregational giving