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Vale -- the Rev. Prof. J. Alec Motyer

Lee Gatiss looks at the life and work of Alec Motyer, the great Anglican pastor and Old Testament scholar, who has died.


Muslim mob murders 8 in revenge attacks in Northern Nigeria

Bishop John Danbinta Garba reports a Muslim mob attempted to lynch a man who had converted to Christianity


Murder for hire plot targets Ugandan archbishop

A hired mob attempted to lynch the archbishop and bishops of the Church of Uganda on Tuesday, but were foiled when police arrived and drove off the attackers.


Details emerge in Eerdmans plagiarism affair

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. has withdrawn three of its popular New Testament commentaries written by an emeritus professor of Moore Theological College in Sydney, the Rev. Dr. Peter T. O’Brien 


Church of Norway sees 15,000 members depart

Survey reports one-third of registered church members do not believe in God.


Burundi archbishop enthroned

The Anglican Church of Burundi reports the Most Rev Martin Nyaboho was installed as fourth archbishop of the East African province on 21 August 2016 at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Bujumbura


Wabukala urges South Sudanese leaders to preserve lives of citizens

The retired archbishop has urged the political leaders of South Sudan to preserve lives of citizens instead of struggling for power and wealth in the country.


Bishop of Central Busoga appointed for the Church of Uganda

The Rev. Canon Patrick Wakula Elected as the 1st Bishop of Central Busoga Diocese



Maori archbishop to step down

Archbishop Brown Turei has announced his intention to retire after more than 65 years in ordained ministry.


Barry Morgan of Wales to step down

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, will retire next year after nearly 14 years at the helm of the Church in Wales and 24 years as a bishop.


Diocese in Europe welcomes gay wedding

Diocesan website reports on the same-sex marriage of prominent layman in Copenhagen


Burmese govt cracks down on rogue Buddhist monks

Myanmar Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs orders demolition of pagodas illegally built on church lands


Egypt to relax restrictions on church building

Mixed reactions to new government law on church construction


Probation for Albany rector on Peeping Tom charge

A former Albany rector has been sentenced to three years probation on a Peeping Tom charge, but was spared having to register as a sex offender in the State of New York.


Mugabe warns churches to keep quiet

Church leaders who have denounced the nonegarian strongman are tools of British imperialism, Mugabe claims


Priest in Myanmar is supporting nation-building

The USPG reports on the work of the Anglican Church in Myanmar following the country's return to democracy


Gay vote highlights split within the South African church

Sources tell Anglican Ink that though the motion is unlikley to be approved, the debate will make public the sharp divide existing within the church.


NT Commentaries withdrawn over plagiarism allegations

Peter T. O'Brien's Letter to the Hebrews, Letter to the Ephesians, and Epistle to the Philippians withdrawn by publisher


Diocesan committee calls for Bruno to relinquish control of church properties

A Los Angeles diocesan committee has recommended the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno be divested of exclusive control over church property with oversight transferred to the Corporation of the Diocese and its Board. 


CAPA Kigali Communique

Statement issued at the close of the CAPA council meeting in Kigali on 9 Aug 2016


Idowu-Fearon urges an Africa first agenda for CAPA

Address by the Rt Rev. Josiah Idowu-Fearon to the gathering of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa in Kigali


Pastoral Letter on the Flooding in the Diocese of Louisiana

Bishop Morris Thompson writes in the wake of torrential rains that have flooded over 15,000 homes this past week


Gunmen attack bishop’s house in Juba

[ACNS] A group of men fired bullets into the house of the assistant bishop of Juba in South Sudan in


Pastors File Lawsuit Challenging Illinois’ Ban on Sexual Identity Counseling

On Thursday, Pastors Protecting Youth (PPY), an association of Illinois pastors, filed a Federal lawsuit against the State of Illinois in regards to the Youth Mental Health Protection Act, the stat


Police apology to family of Bishop George Bell

The Sussex Police has conceded mistakes were made in its handling of the abuse allegations made against Bishop George Bell,


Open letter from 72 members of General Synod to the College and House of Bishops

"[W]e urge you not to consider any proposals that fly in the face of the historic understanding of the church as expressed in ‘Issues in Human Sexuality’ (1991) and Lambeth Resolution 1 .10."


AU 242 - The Application of Primatial Supremacy

The best intentions of the Primates are usually thwarted by another Primate.


EDS Update -- Committees formed to wind down operations

By ending unsustainable spending next year, we will have the funds to provide transitions that are worthy of EDS’s name.


Australia's cathedral deans meet

Deans discuss fall out from abuse investigations


Aid to Haiti suspended pending review

The Episcopal Church in the USA has suspended its Haitian fundraising appeals pending a reorganization of relief efforts for the diocese.


ISIS threatens West Indies

The Bishop of Trinidad has asked parishes to tighten security after threats were made by local ISIS supporters against the church.


Rwanda celebrates role of mothers in rebuilding country

Rwanda’s capital city Kigali was festooned with blue and white decorations on 31 July as the Anglican Church of Rwanda Mothers Union (MU) celebrated a 50th jubilee.


Ceylon holds first joint Anglican-Catholic youth festival

Building relations between the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches begins with young people, the Bishop of Colombo told Sri Lanka’s first ecumenical youth conference last month.


World Vision accused of funding Hamas' war on Israel

Israeli police arrest World Vision regional director on charges he funneled 60% of the Christian NGOs funds to Hamas


Guilty verdict in Durham archdeacon's abuse trial

The former Archdeacon of Auckland has been convicted of indecently assaulting two men whilst serving as vicar of St Clares Church in Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham.


Riot at Nigerian diocesan synod

Five injured in clashes with troops at the Diocese of Sapele synod meeting


"Hate preacher" invited to Lambeth Palace

Questions raised over visit to Lambeth Palace of extremist Pakistani cleric


Condolences and prayers for Fr Hamel and France

The Archbishop of Canterbury and Anglican leaders have offered their condolences to the people of France and the Catholic Church following the murder of Fr. Jacques Hamel 


Anti-gun activist priest under investigation on weapons charges

An Episcopal priest who spent $3000 from his church discretionary fund to take a symbolic stand against gun violence, is being investigated by the Oregon State Police for violating the state’s gun laws.


Terrorism and religion: A link we must acknowledge, not deny

“Terrorism has no religion,” read a placard at a demonstration in New York. The slogan expressed a wish, but the evidence indicates otherwise.


Homily of Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois at the memorial mass for Fr Jacques Hamel

"Those who wrap themselves in the trappings of religion to mask their deadly project, those who want to announce to us a God of death, a Moloch that would rejoice at the death of a man and promise paradise to those who kill while invoking him, these cannot expect humanity to yield to their delusion.


Clergy child abuse under the spotlight in Australia

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Bishop began hearings this week in Newcastle


Diocese of Chichester promotes gay pride week

Diocesan website promotes church tea party for participants in gay pride festival


New Priest Administrator announced for the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham

Father Kevin Smith, Vicar of Horden in the Diocese of Durham, is to be the new Priest Administrator of the Anglican Shrine of our Lady of Walsingham.


The Curmudgeon's Lament

"Still an Anglican, but Barely" writes A.S. Haley


AU 240 - Oktoberfest in Canterbury

Has Justin Welby decided to cut his losses and just see who will show and who will stay home?


October 2017 primates meeting scheduled

No invitations yet, but Canterbury has asked the primates to reserve the week beginning Oct 2, 2017 for a meeting in Canterbury


AI Author Biographies: Peter Sanlon

The Rev Dr Peter Sanlon is Vicar of St Mark's Church, Tunbridge Wells


Review: Amazing Love (part 2)

In the second part of his review of "Amazing Love: Theology for Understanding Discipleship, Sexuality and Mission" Dr. Peter Sanlon looks at the wider implications and underlying strategy of this book.


Review: Amazing Love

Peter Sanlon reviews Amazing Love: Theology for Understanding Discipleship, Sexuality and Mission. Ed. by Andrew Davison.


Anglican bishops in Europe respond to Munich murders

The Anglican bishops in Europe have offered their condolences and prayers to the people of Munich following the weekend terror attack that left nine dead.


Perth archbishop under fire for ignoring abuse complaints

Archbishop Roger Herft has been accused of ignoring complaints of a paedophile ring amongst his clergy


Hong Kong archbishop urges accommodation with Beijing

Archbishop Paul Kwong urges protestors to address “injustice" in a "Chinese way", "quietly" and without "public campaigns"


Justin Welby -- 'Pray for France'

Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury in response to the martyrdom of Fr. Hamel

Evil attacks the weakest, denies truth and love, is defeated through Jesus Christ.


‘The work of the Church is to be Jesus in the world’

Text of Archbishop Justin Welby;s address to World Youth Day in Lodz, Poland, on 21 July 2016. 


Bishop of Tewkesbury appointed

The Queen has approved the nomination of the Venerable Robert Wilfrid Springett, BTh, MA, Archdeacon of Cheltenham to the Suffragan See of Tewkesbury


Abuse trial begins for Durham archdeacon

The Ven. Granville Gibson stands accused of eight charges of indecent assault against two men 


A lament over Munich from Europe

A statement from the Rt. Rev. Pierre Whalon is bishop-in-charge of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe in response to the Munich terror attack


Vermont deacon arrested for child abuse

According to court paperwork, Henault offered the boy marijuana, and allegedly used spiritual beliefs to convince him posing for nude photos would check his aura and molesting him would release his chakra. 


Roman Catholic Church promotes Mary Magdalene to First Division

Mary Magdelene was the Apostle of the Apostles" (Apostolorum Apostola) Archbishop Arthur Roche said, "therefore it is right that the liturgical celebration of this woman has the same grade of feast given to the celebration of the apostles in the General Roman Calendar."


Melanesian episcopal election update

The Diocese of Temotu in the Anglican Church of Melanesia has elected a Chester University graduate as its next bishop.


Caribbean diocese to mark 175th anniversary

Year long observance planned for the Diocese of North East Caribbean and Aruba


Archbishop's statement on clergy sexual abuse in Newcastle

A statement by the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier


Uneasy truce in South Sudan

Archbishop Deng returns to Juba to begin work of reconciliation


Oral argument scheduled in NH Supreme Court Episcopal Church case

Court will adjudicate dispute over the tax consequenences of church property used in the furtherance of the spiritual work of the parish but is also used to generate secular income


Arson attacks on 2 Anglican churches in India

Police in Karnataka in Southern India are investigating the firebombing of two Church of South India churches.


Kenyan diocese launches television station

The Anglican Church of Kenya’s Diocese of Kirinyaga backed by local investors has launched its own television station to serve the Mount Kenya region of central Kenya.


Bishops plea for peace in Port Moresby

Papua New Guinea House of Bishops urges calm amidst political protests and strikes seeking ouster of the prime minister


From Clondehorkey to the Caribbean

People and parish partnership in action in the Anglican world


Us to revert to former name USPG

Rebranding in 2012 of mission agency had not met marketing expectations


Bexley Seabury seminary moving to Chicago

Effective July 25, Bexley Seabury, one of 10 accredited seminaries of the Episcopal Church, will consolidate under one roof at Chicago Theological Seminary


Episcopal Seminary Funeral March Underway?

EDS Trustees vote to discontinue awarding degrees at the end of this coming academic year


Bishops call for Manila to repel Chinese expansion

"China continues to insult us with its refusal to recognize the authority of the tribunal and its decision," says Filipino Anglican leader


Bishops back democracy movement in West Papua

The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea’s House of Bishops has lent its support to the pro-democracy movement in West Papua.


Anglicans respond to Nice attack

Anglican leaders in Europe and the UK have issued calls for prayer in the wake of last week’s terror attack in Nice


Bedouin law bows to Coptic courage

In the ongoing jihad against Egypt’s Coptic Christians one Bedouin tradition adopted by Islam keeps jihad in business.


Bishop of London to step down

The Bishop has written to clergy and parishes across the Diocese of London to share the timetable for his retirement


General Synod shared sex conversations place unity above truth, critics charge

Statement by 32 members of the General Synod on the structural failures of the "Shared Conversations" project


No gay church weddings for Nova Scotia

Bishop Ron Cutler writes to his clergy saying that although some dioceses were going ahead with gay weddings, Nova Scotia was not


Gay marriage "no" vote not counted at General Synod

Bishop Mark McDonald's vote against same-sex marriage not recorded in General Synod tallies, General Secretary reports


Please Pray for Peace in South Sudan

South Sudan Council of Churches statement following the outbreak of tribal and political violence in Juba


Trial ordered for Bishop Bruno on misconduct charges

A Hearing Panel will adjudicate charges the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno, Bishop of Los Angeles, engaged in conduct unbecoming a member of the clergy


Fiji conference addresses climate change

Forty bishops and church leaders from across the Anglican Communion concluded this week a seven day consultation that seeks to set a common church response to the problems associated with climate change.


Finding God at West Point

West Point graduate of Haitian decent finds God, 14 years after active duty pursues calling as chaplain with Maryland National Guard