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Ugandan president to pay medical bills for archbishop stranded in London

The president of Uganda has donated $23,000 to the fundraising appeal for the former Archbishop of Uganda Livingstone Nkoyoyo


What is Welby saying in his letter to the primates?

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

    And treat those two impostors just the same;  



Letter to the primates from the Archbishop of Canterbury

Our battle is not against flesh and blood, least of all against each other.


Prayers for a President: What's in a name?

Saying Donald Trump's name five times while facing a mirror (or a lectern) will not summon him like the Candyman. ... Will he appear at the sound of his name to murder you with a hook jammed in the bloody stump of his right arm? Sources say no. Trump is not Beetlejuice, either. You will not call him forth from the Netherworld or Trump Tower by the incantation of his name at prayer.


Remnant in Scotland find hope through Gafcon

David McCarthy speaks to the hope the GAFCON movement brings to traditionalists in Scotland


Muslim prayer at Gloucester cathedral

Cathedral spokesman reports the recitation of the Shahada was part of a multi-fath cultural exhibit held in the cathedral cloisters, and not part of


Glasgow cathedral communicants protest Koran readings

Letter charges cathedral provost with making tolerance a one way street by persecuting worshippers who disagree with reading the Koran during Christian worship


Letter to the Times on the Glasgow Koran controversy

Gavin Ashenden explains to the readers of The Times why reading the Koran in Christian worship is problematic


Satiric reflections on the Glasgow cathedral Koran controversy

Nothing speaks of God's love more than reporting those who say things you don't like.


Report from the January 2017 meeting of the College of Bishops of the ACNA

We met together January 9-13, 2017, in Melbourne, Florida during the first week of Epiphany. Our time together was a balanced mix of worship, teaching, business, and fellowship.

Statement by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

In this Reformation Anniversary year, many Christians will want to give thanks for the great blessings they have received to which the Reformation directly contributed.


Statement by the Dean of Washington's National Cathedral on the church's role in the inauguration of President Trump

As the new Dean of Washington National Cathedral, I have seen firsthand the Cathedral’s singular ability to draw the nation’s attention to an issue or a cause.


Reformer elected Moderator of the CSI

The Bishop in Madhya Kerala Diocese, the Rt. Rev . Thomas K. Oommen has been elected Moderator and Primate of the Church of South India.


No need to drown in a sea of PC

A.S. Haley looks at the intellectual incoherence of modernity


Ugandan archbishop stranded in London

The former Archbishop of Uganda is seeking financial assistance to pay for cancer surgery.


Primus responds to Glasgow Cathedral Koran reading

[T]he Scottish Episcopal Church is deeply distressed at the widespread offence which has been caused


BC to go ahead with gay weddings

Bishop Logan McMenamie says he will not wait for General Synod to approve same-sex marriage, but will go ahead with the innovation


Episcopalians Uneasy about Cathedral Inauguration Role

The Washington National Cathedral is once again at the center of controversy, but this time it isn’t for political pronouncements from the pulpit.


Reciting the Koran in Glasgow Cathedral

Islam sees power as God’s primary defining characteristic, and Christianity tells us that it is love. The difference is enormous in implication


Mokiwa hits back

Dar es Salaam bishop accuses rivals of bending church law to oust him


Canadian bishop lays out the case for same-sex marriage

Extract from Bishop Michael Bird of Niagara's address to his diocese's 142nd annual synod meeting


Dar es Salaam bishop deposed

Former GAFCON primate, the Rt. Rev. Valentino Mokiwa, deposed for theft.


Maori archbishop dies

Archbishop Brown Turei, one of the leaders of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia, has died.


Indian Supreme Court bans appeals to religious solidarity by politicians

The Supreme Court of India delivered a decision on 2 January 2017 that an appeal by a political candidate to vote or refrain from voting on grounds of caste, race, community or religion amounts to corrupt practices.


Cathedral marks Epiphany with Koran reading

St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow offered Sura 19 from the Koran as a liturgical reading.


Vale - Mike Ovey

Principal of Oak Hill College dues suddenly 


Impasse in Dar es Salaam

The Primate of Tanzania’s call for the Bishop of Dar es Salaam to step down has been rejected by the diocese’s standing committee.


Canterbury issues statement of support for Cape Town

Justin Welby offers support for Thabo Makgoba in the Cape Town archbishop's dispute with SA President Jacob Zuma


Fiji suffers again

Fiji is again struggling through a natural disaster - just months after being hit by Cyclone Winston.


Documents in the dispute between the Diocese of Egypt and the ECA

Statement on the Relationship between the ECA and Diocese of Egypt given to Anglican Ink on 1 Nov 2016 by the President of the ECA


Burnley wins Christmas episcopal handicap

Burnely for the win. London to place. Canterbury to show


No news out of Fort Worth

Bishop Jack Iker reports the latest news is that there is no new news out of the Texas Supreme Court


Fact Check: Episcopal News Service

IRD's Jeff Walton questions the claims of growth for the Fort Worth Episcopalians loyal to the national church


New Year's Message from GAFCON chairman Nicholas Okoh

To the Faithful of the GAFCON movement and friends from Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria and Chairman, the GAFCON Primates Council.


Presbyterians mount hostile takeover of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt

Presbyterian led Evangelical Church Association has intervened in a court case, attempting to block recognition of the Diocese of Egypt as a domestic Egyptian church.


Is GAFCON the problem, asks Peter Jensen

GAFCON leader finds Josiah Idowu-Fearon's criticisms without merit


Christmas message from Queen Elizabeth II

Video message from the Queen of England for Christmas 2016


Court orders Indian church trustees be removed for fraud

National Company Law Tribunal finds a prima facie case of systemic fraud and misconduct exists in the management of the Church of South India's properties


Madras High Court strikes petition seeking removal of CSI moderator

Court lets stand amendments to the Church of South India's constitution extending the tenure of current officeholders by one year


Christmas message from the Bishop of St Asaph

It’s about time that it was said: money makes for a good Christmas. 


Bishop of Guilford's Christmas message

The human race has many gifts, but one of our most frequent failings is an inability to live at peace with one another.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Derby

Christmas is celebrated as a season of peace. The reality for so many is the experience of war, conflict, stress, unhappiness.


Christmas message from the Bishop of St Albans

People have many words to describe their babies, some kindlier than others, some just meaning baby, some quite different, some tongue in cheek. There’s cherub, nipper, bairn, brat, imp.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Leicester

As I approach my first Christmas in Leicester, I can’t help but reflect on the last seven months since my arrival.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Norwich

Who would have predicted that 2016 would have produced so many surprises?


Christmas message from the Bishop of Ely

This Christmas eve I am looking forward to being by the crib at Ely Cathedral.


Christmas message from the Bishop of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich

A Christmas message from the Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, The Rt Rev Martin Seeley


Christmas sermon from the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham

‘Becoming a mother can be as lonely an experience as bereavement or divorce’ so claims a new report published ten days ago by the Red Cross with the Co-op.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Chelmsford

"Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day” goes the song. To which many may respond: “Be careful what you wish for!” 


Christmas message from the Bishop of Worcester

I've had babies on my mind this year - that's because my first grandchild was born in April. Becoming a grandfather has been an immensely joyful experience.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Manchester

Someone in New Zealand has offered a prize for the best Christmas Carol written to be sung in summer.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Liverpool

A family flees for its life. They have been living under the shadow of a murderous regime and they know that at any time the slaughter may reach them. They have no time.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Bradford

EACH Christmas, my family puts together our nativity set made from knotted Palestinian olive wood. It reminds me that the characters assembled in the Christmas story don’t have a lot in common.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Carlisle

“We’re filming this message from Rose Castle, the former home of the Bishops of Carlisle for about 800 years.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Newcastle

Like many people this autumn, I went to see the film ‘I, Daniel Blake.’


Christmas message from the Bishops of Bath & Wells

The Bishop of Bath and Wells and the Bishop of Taunton today release a Christmas video message for 2016.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Coventry

"Some of the Christmas adverts really make you pause and think. Have you seen the one about a dad who’s rushed off his feet getting ready for Christmas?


Christmas sermon from the Bishop of Oxford

Long ago a prophet looked at the world with honest eyes.  He saw nations in turmoil, an economy in crisis, the clash of empires.  He saw corruption in politics and religion and media and law.  Trut


Christmas message from the Archbishop of York

t’s Christmas Eve!  Glad tidings we bring! Tomorrow all our waiting and preparations will be over.  I always hope that when it comes, Christmas really will be a time of peace and joy.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Hereford

“I wish it could be Christmas every day.”

The words of the familiar song blared out across the station.


Home invasion for Nigerian bishop

An armed gang invaded the home of the Bishop of Oleh in Nigeria’s Delta State yesterday,


Christmas message from the Bishop of the Gambia

On a particular night, while shepherds in a nearby field were tending their flock they received the news of the birth of Jesus Christ through an angel of the LORD.


Brandon abuse lawsuit filed

Canadian diocese sued by alleged victim of clergy sexual abuse for negligence


Christmas message from the Bishop of Chichester

[B]e mindful of those who have left their families behind because they were no longer able to live in the place they called home."


Christmas message from the Bishop of London

Temperature rises; electoral surprises; terrible suffering in the Syrian civil war.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Truro

Bishop TIm Thornton challenges people to share the Bible and read with others.


Christmas sermon from the Bishop of Exeter

[O]ur God was not only born on the margins, but ended up a refugee.


Will there be a Christian King Charles III?

The fundamentalist dogma of “Equality” will destroy the Christian monarchy quite as effectively as it shuts down Christian witness in the public space.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Winchester

As Christmas shoppers wrap themselves in hats, coats and scarves, the bitter cold reminds us of those for whom the winter, and even Christmas-time is itself a struggle.  People without houses face


Letter from Auschwitz from the Archbishop in Jerusalem

Reflections from Archbishop Suheil Dawani following his visit to Poland last month


Christmas message from the Bishop of Bristol

As I write, the Pope has just pulled down the curtain on his “year of mercy.”


Christmas message from the Bishop of Down & Dromore

At the very heart of the Christmas story lie the words of Mary when she powerfully says: ‘Be it unto me according to your word.’ Here we have the most important interaction ever between God and a human being


Christmas message from the Bishop of Durham

I love Christmas. I love seeing the lights and the decorations. I love the giving and receiving of cards and presents.


Christmas sermon from the Archbishop of Cape Town

Welcome to each and every one of you: I am glad you are all here, on this most holy night!

Christmas message from the Bishop of Lincoln

For many of us 2016 has been a difficult year. More than ever, it feels as though we live in a divided and unhappy world.


Christmas message from the Bishop of Gloucester

SOMETIMES it seems as if everywhere I look I’m confronted with woolly chests emblazoned with Rudolph or Santa.


Christmas message from the Archbishop of the West Indies

ON THIS WONDERFUL Christmas Day, we  are led to the story in the Gospels of St Matthew and St Luke, where we read of the birth of a baby in some very trying circumstances. 


Christmas message from the Bishop of Trinidad & Tobago

The celebration of Christmas is a sign. It is the commemoration of a prophetic fulfillment: “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign.