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AU 226 - Self Identities Revealed

TEC has a sexual identity crisis this week and the ABC doubles down on happy happy primates....


'Holding together in diversity' -- Justin Welby

Archbishop Justin Welby reflects on the recent Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Lusaka. 


Claims that a Muslim cleric is an ex-Episcopal priest are lies, bishops declare

The Archbishop of South East Asia have asked the Malaysian government to investigate claims made by a Muslim preacher that he is a former priest of the Episcopal Church.


Apologies for slavery unhelpful, Barbados bishop argues

"I am not sure what an apology would do at this stage,” said Bishop Rufus Brome 


Lambeth Palace denies Justin Welby said homosexuality is 'morally wrong'

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s staff have questioned the veracity of quotes ascribed to the Most Rev. Justin Welby in an interview published with the Harare Sunday Mail.


NC Bishops back transgender bathroom rights

Bishops say new law refuses "Refus[es] to understand the complexity of the lives of transgender persons and criminaliz[es] nonproblematic behavior by members only of that community"


Anglican - Catholic meeting on the theology of ordination

Communique from the fourth international meeting of the Malines Conversations Group


Corruption investigation launched into Dar es Salaam bishop

A provincial inquiry into charges of financial misconduct by the Rt. Rev. Valentino Mokiwa has been launched by the East African Church


Nairobi bishop denies forgery charges

" I deny having forged any letter, God is my witness," says Bishop Waweru 


Response to the ​Pastoral Letter ​from the Bishops of the Church in Wales

M B Davie's response to the Pastoral Letter issued by the Bishops of the Church in Wales, considering the letter from a theological perspective.


Pittsburgh election results

Unofficial election results from the Diocese of Pittsburgh, 23 April 2016


Insolvent Australian diocese to sell church schools & properties

The Synod of the Diocese of Bathurst in the Anglican Church of Australia has authorized its bishop, the Rt. Rev.


Earthquakes rock Japan, Myanmar and Ecuador

A series of earthquakes rocked the Pacific rim, leaving several hundred dead in Myanmar, Japan and Ecuador.  On 13 April 2016 a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck Myanmar.


Tribal tensions temporarily shutter seminary

The Bishop of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa has issued a call to prayer following tribal clashes in Western Ethiopia.


Pittsburgh elects Jim Hobby bishop

Georgia rector elected bishop of ACNA Diocese of Pittsburgh


From Canterbury to Lusaka

"The future of the Anglican Communion does not lay with manipulations, compromises, legal loopholes, or the presentation of half-truths ..."


Communique from the April 2016 GAFCON Primates Meeting

Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria elected chairman of the global reform movement


San Joaquin files for rehearing

Yesterday the attorneys for the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin (of which your Curmudgeon is one) filed a petition with the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Fresno to grant a rehearing 


Mugabe meeting for Archbishop Welby

Homosexuality is morally wrong, the Archbishop of Canterbury, told a Zimbabwean newspaper this week, but should not be criminalized.


ACC adopts resolutions on final day

On its last day of deliberations, the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Lusaka, Zambia, has adopted 44 resolutions addressing issues of environment, ecumenical relations, Youth and Family Li


Hong Kong primate elected ACC chairman

The Archbishop of Hong Kong has been elected chairman of the Anglican Consultative Council.


AU 225 - The Tale of 2 Lusakas

Per Usual, the Archbishop of Canterbury is giving a different account about Lusaka then TEC. Who is telling the Truth?


Reading vicar jailed for abuse

A Diocese of Oxford vicar has been jailed for 15 months following  for having caused or incited sexual activity with a girl age 13 to 17. Last week the Rev.


Texas Appellate Court Hears Arguments in the Fort Worth Case

Visitors’ seating was full today in the Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth


Bishop of Ecuador Litoral writes in wake of killer earthquake

Dear friends, we would like to express our deep gratitude for the messages of affection and prayers we have received for our Diocese and our country during this very difficult time.


TEC Letter from Lusaka

The three-member Episcopal Church team attending the 16th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in Lukasa, Zambia, has written the following letter to the church.



Tanzania rejoins GAFCON

The House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Tanzania has voted to rejoin the GAFCON movement and to authorize their primate to attend his week’s meeting of the GAFCON primates’ council in Nairob


Pastoral Letter on Euthanasia from the Bishops of Toronto

We urge you to advocate locally, provincially and nationally for comprehensive palliative care that, both short-term and long, will directly affect far more people than medically assisted death. 


Western ACNA dioceses amalgamate ordination process

Until this year, each diocese in The Anglican Church in North America has directed its own, unique ordination process.


AU 224 - Forgery, Sex, Lies and Videotape

If today's news showed up in a show called Lambeth Abbey nobody would believe it...


Back to the Basics -- Will you stand with us?

Dr. Peter Jensen writes about the GAFCON movement and the future of the church


ACNA and AMiA leaders meet in Dallas

On Wednesday April 13, 2016 Archbishop Foley Beach, Bishop Philip Jones, Bishop Bill Atwood, Bishop Sandy Greene, Canon Phil Ashey and the Rev.


Bishop of Oxford: Steven John Lindsey Croft

The Queen has approved the nomination of the Right Reverend Steven John Lindsey Croft, MA, PhD, Lord Bishop of Sheffield, in the Diocese of Sheffield for election as Bishop of Oxford in succession


Hong Kong archbishop denies govt crackdown on religion underway in China

The Archbishop of Hong Kong has defended his 2014 comments likening pro-democracy activists to spoiled children


Welsh 'no' to gay marriage, for now

The Church in Wales has declined to go forward with calls for creating same-sex marriage rites.


Church of Norway endorses gay marriage

The General Synod of the Church of Norway, the Kirkemøtet, has endorsed a motion calling for the creation of rites for gay marriage.


Anglican Missionaries “Facing a Task Unfinished”

Advancing the Kingdom of God includes establishing justice, love and good works, but is not limited to these things, according to speakers at a major conference of Anglican missionaries.


Kenya's archbishop responds to forgery reports

The Archbishop of Kenya did not sign, nor did he approve, a letter released under his signature that was posted to the provincial website that purported to change the church’s stance on its boycott of ACC-16 in Lusaka.


Primate of Kenya refutes claims from ACC 16

In the light of media speculation about contradictory statements posted on the  ACK website about attendance at of the Kenyan delegation at ACC-16, I wish to  confirm that the statement dated 5th A


Idowu-Fearon denies Kenyan charges of fraud and forgery

The Anglican Communion Office has released this statement in response to recent comments on events leading up to the Anglican Consultative Council meeting, ACC-16.


REC's Diocese of the West to merge with ACNA Diocese of All Saints

The Reformed Episcopal Church’s Diocese of the West has been merged into the Anglican Church in North America’s Missionary Diocese of All Saints (MDAS) under the leadership of the Rt. Rev.


Statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury's mother

Although, as has already been made public, Gavin Welby and I had a short and, sadly, dysfunctional marriage, neither of us ever doubted that we were the parents of our son Justin


Brazil bishops back Rousseff

The bishops of the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil have lent their support to the country’s President Dilma Rousseff, voicing their opposition to a campaign to impeach the embattled political leader.


Calls for Zuma to resign

The former Archbishop of Cape Town, the Most Rev. Njongonkulu Ndungane, has called for South African President Jacob Zuma to step down.


Church leaders call for investigation into police shootings

Church leaders in the Philippines have called for an independent inquiry into a police shooting at a protest march on the southern island of Mindanao.


Archbishop of Canterbury's address to the ACC in Lusaka

As Archbishop of Canterbury (a separate Instrument) I have acted on the Primates' decisions in those areas for which I have responsibility.


Personal statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury on his parentage

In the last month I have discovered that my biological father is not Gavin Welby but, in fact, the late Sir Anthony Montague Browne.

This comes as a complete surprise.


Rwandans boycott ACC Lusaka

The Anglican Church of Rwanda has declined to send a delegation to this week's meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in Lusaka.


Newport Beach residents rebuff bishop's development plans

NEWPORT BEACH – A mail ballot of Lido Isle Community Association members has revealed overwhelming community support for continuing to use the St. James the Great property for a church.


Fraud and forgery allegations raised at ACC 16

Kenya’s participation in this week’s ACC meeting in Lusaka was procured by fraud, leaders of the East African church report.


Back to the Basics -- The Power of the Gospel

Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. That is what the Bible tells us. We are commanded to enter the kingdom of God by entrusting ourselves to Christ as our Lord and Saviour.


ACO suborning rebellion in Kenyan church, archbishop charges

The Archbishop of Kenya, the Most Rev. Eliud Wabukala, has denounced the Anglican Consultative Council's London staff for suborning rebellion within his province.


Doubts raised over claims Bishop George Bell was a paedophile

George Bell’s naming as a paedophile is challenged by a group of lawyers, academics, politicians and senior Church figures


Irish dioceses to be amalgamated

The church’s smallest diocese, the United Diocese of Tuam, Killala and Achonry would be merged into the neighboring dioceses of Kilmore and Limerick. 


Fifth District Holds that Minority Controls Corp Sole

The Fifth District Court of Appeals in Fresno, California ruled that although "the trial court made several errors in its analysis of the case", it would nevertheless affirm that court's decision to turn over all the disputed property of the former Diocese of San Joaquin to the remnant Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin


Forty weeks in the wilderness

"it has been nearly 10 months since we sought help from The Episcopal Church (TEC) in New York for Bishop Bruno’s actions against our congregation"



Presiding Bishop Curry is cleaning a rotted house.


Mouneer Anis to boycott ACC Lusaka meeting

The Primate of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East has written to his fellow primates saying he will not attend this month's meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council standing committee at ACC-16 in Lusaka. 


Stacy Sauls dismissed as TEC COO

Bishop Sauls not guilty of misconduct, but will not continue as Chief Operating Officer. Sam MacDonald, Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Director of Mission, and Alex Baumgarten, Director of Public Engagement and Mission Communications, were found to have violated workplace policies and terminated from employment at the Episcopal Church Center


Toronto episcopal elections set for Sept 17

The diocese’s Synod will convene on Sept. 17 at St. Paul, Bloor Street to elect two new suffragan bishops.


The Servant Queen

With Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday this year comes a unique opportunity for churches to celebrate and share her Christian faith.


Forward in Faith-North America Assembly to meet in July

"Celebrate Christmas in July" is the theme of the Twenty-Eighth Forward in Faith North America (FiFNA) Annual Assembly, featuring teaching and discussion on the Incarnation of Jesus.  The Assembly


In Lieu of an April 1st Post

A.S. Haley is not amused by the course of events in the US and Anglican worlds.


Three years imprisonment for Savannah rector on child porn charges

A Diocese of Georgia rector has been sentenced to three years imprisonment and ten years probation for possession of child pornography.


Book launch for Bishop Iker

To mark the 23rd anniversary of his consecration to the episcopate, the Rt. Rev. Jack L. Iker is hosting a reception to launch his book, "Consider your call brethren"


Archbishop of Wales urges UK voters to vote to stay in the EU

The European Union is the most successful project for peace, freedom and democracy the world has ever seen and the UK should not abandon it, says the Archbishop of Wales.


New govt sparks hopes that compensation will be paid for church school fires

A change in government in Kashmir has prompted hope from Anglican leaders that past promises made by the state to rebuild a church school destroyed by a Muslim mob will be honored.


Archbishop calls for govt to release arrested opposition leader

The Archbishop of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, has urged the government of President Yoweri Museveni to release opposition leader Kizza Besigye from house arrest.


Church leaders unit to denounce Taliban bombing

Church leaders around the world have condemned the Easter Sunday bombing of  at the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in Lahore, which killed more than 70 and wounded over 300 people.


Back to Basics: Repentance

As we think through the significance of the meeting of Primates in Canterbury, we come to the key subject of repentance.


An Easter Report from the Communion Partners of the Episcopal Church

"We call for the conclusion of litigation between the Episcopal Church and its former members, and for prayer and work for eventual reconciliation with those who have left the Episcopal Church."


Cape Town archbishop denounces govt corruption

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba today called for a “tsunami of truth-telling” about corrupt influence-peddling on government by business interests.

What is the Anglican Consultative Council meeting for?

Lusaka is not the place to sort out church polity, unity, doctrine or matters of sexuality. Those are the callings of the primates meeting and the Lambeth conference of Bishops.


Easter is about more than chocolate eggs or bunnies

About 55% said the most important thing about Easter for them was the chocolate egg. Although 20% opted for the cross, another solid 10% went for the Easter Bunny.


Ntagali urges president to veto Islamic banking bill

"Islamic banking will be run on Sharia law which is hinged on unique legal principles which are in many ways contrary to Uganda's constitution.”


Salesian leaders deny claim kidnapped priest crucified

Catholic leaders in India have denied American press reports that a Salesian priest kidnapped by ISIS in Aden last month was crucified on Good Friday.


The resurrection is about celebrating diversity says Bishop of Gippsland

"in Easter love to dare to believe that in God’s love and good grace people flourish when we live our diversity." The Rt. Rev. Kay Goldsworthy


Archbishop of Armagh Easter Sermon

Richard Clarke's Easter message on Romans 8 given at St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh


Archbishop of Canterbury Easter Sermon

Justin Welby's sermon on Luke 24:1-12 given at Canterbury Cathedral on 27 March 2016


Video message from Lahore

Church of Pakistan Moderator Samuel Azariah speaks on the terror attack in Lahore that has left over 70 dead


Statement on Lahore bomb blast by the Moderator of the Church of Pakistan

"Mere statements of condemnation and quotes from The Holy Scriptures are not enough. We as a nation have reached a breaking point that ‘enough is enough.’ " Bishop Samuel Azariah


Archbishop of Wales Easter message

Sermon preached by the Most Rev. Barry Morgan at Llandaff Cathedral on 27 March 2016


Archbishop of Cape Town's Easter Sermon

Sermon on Luke 24:1-9 given by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba at the Easter Vigil at St George's Cathedral in Cape Town 26 March 2016


TSM prof ordained by Egyptian archbishop

Dr. Don Collett was ordained Deacon at All Saints Cairo by Archbishop Mouneer Anis on Saturday evening


Hindu extremists attack Anglican church

Four Hindu extremists have been arrested by police in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu after they vandalized a newly built church.


Lahore Cathedral under threat of demolition

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) warns that an urban redevelopment plan for Lahore will demolish 27 religious and cultural heritage sites including the city’s Anglican cathedral.


The Power of Praying for Friends

There’s such power in praying for our friends who don’t yet know Jesus.


ACNA Archbishop responds to Brussels bombings

Please join me in praying for those who are suffering because of the events today in Belgium. In the middle of Holy Week, as the Church remembers the evil done to our Savior, let us lift up the victims and their families, and those who minister to them


Easter message from the Archbishop of Sydney

Christians have used many symbols in the past two thousand years.


Exceptional Times with Unexceptional Leaders

"[O]ur feckless President, ... issued a 52-second statement in which he vowed our support 'in bringing to justice whoever is responsible' -- as though threats of future prosecution could ever deter those who blow themselves up to gain ostensible martyrdom." AS Haley


How Tenderness Leads to the Gas Chamber

Flannery O’Connor wrote, “In the absence of faith, we govern by tenderness.  And tenderness leads to the gas chamber.”



Easter message from the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

I actually love fairy tales and I used to enjoy reading them to our children when they were young and little.  Now to be sure those were the more sanitized fairy tales but there was something good about them, 


Back to the Basics -- Fellowship

Dr Peter Jensen, has written a series of reflections following the January 2016 Primates Gathering on the fundamentals underpinning the basis of our faith. This is the third in that series of six thought leadership and teaching papers.