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+Bruno Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

AS Haley looks at the latest in the Bruno affair, and what he finds is not pretty


Bishop describes African-Canadian dialogue as a model for whole Communion

The eighth annual meeting of Bishops from Canada and Africa has just taken place in Kenya, with the Bishop of Niagara suggesting the yearly encounter could act as a model for reconciliation across the Communion.


The myth of moderate Islam

Brother of expat murdered by Jihadists responds to the Bishop of Bangor


Church of England responds to report on the Bishop Peter Ball inquiry

A report on the sexual misconduct by a disgraced Church of England bishop makes for “harrowing reading," the Archbishop of Canterbury said today. 


Welby responds to Finsbury Park mosque incident

The appalling attack on Muslims in Finsbury Park is an attack on us all


Ramadan fast for deacon to be

A Church in Wales deacon has spent the day prior to her ordination fasting at a mosque.


Vatican defends Anglican appointment to the Pontifical Academy for Life

Canon Nigel Biggar accused by traditionalists of holding views at odds with Catholic teaching on abortion


Bruno attempts secret sale of St James Newport Beach

Hearing panel issues emergency order forbidding sale of St James Newport Beach by Bishop Bruno


Court orders mediation in Sauls case

An Alabama judge has ordered the Episcopal Church and its former Chief Operating Officer Bishop Stacy Sauls to engage in state-mandated mediation.


Bishops statement on resignation of Liberal Democrat leader

Bishops of Carlisle and Penrith lament the resignation of Tim Farron MP as Leader of the Liberal Democrats


Ray Sutton installed as REC Presiding Bishop

ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach's comments on the installation of the Most Rev. Ray Sutton of the Reformed Episcopal Church.


Anglican appointment raises Catholic hackles

Traditionalist Catholics criticize appointment of Prof. Nigel Biggar to the Pontifical Academy for Life


Canterbury honors announced

Gay Rights Campaigner honored by Canterbury for "outstanding service to the church" 


Africa is now the epicenter of the Christian world, says Archbishop Okoh

"the era of European Christendom has passed and that in this 500th anniversary year of the Reformation, a new start is being made"


Essex parish votes of "no confidence" in bishops' leadership

Chelmsford parishes voice concern over bishops' "failure to teach sound doctrine".


Swedish midwife turns to Human Rights Court

Midwife Ellinor Grimmark files case in Strasbourg today seeking right ot conscientious objection to abortion for healthcare providers


Preventing Schism in the Church of England

"Is schism the biggest, or even the only, heresy in today's church?", askes James Oakley.


Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the British General Elections

yesterday’s election was a powerful and vivid testimony of our enduring faith in the values of peace, freedom and democracy


Bishop in Thoothukudi- Nazareth consecrated for South India

Samuel Devasahayam Ebenezer Clement has been consecrated as the new bishop of the Thoothukudi- Nazareth Diocese


London priest elected Bishop of Dunedin NZ

Dr Steven Benford is to be the next Bishop of Dunedin.


Scottish primus defends gay marriage vote

We of course also respect Resolution 1.10 of the Lambeth Conference of 1998. But it cannot be elevated into a binding statement of Communion policy.


GAFCON UK Statement on the appointment of bishop for Europe

The leadership of SEC has ... severed itself from Christian orthodoxy and from fellowship with most Anglicans worldwide.


SSWSH meeting with the Vatican

A group of representatives of The Society, led by the Bishops of Ebbsfleet, Fulham and Richborough, have held a seminar in Rome.


Massachusetts rector elected Bishop of Guatemala

The Rev. Silvestre Romero, Rector of St. Peter's-San Pedro Church in Salem, Mass., elected by diocesan synod on 27 May 2017


Church fears over Saudi-Qatari diplomatic spat

Bishop of Cyprus & the Gulf urges quick resolution to end the blockade of Qatar by the gulf states


Reform welcomes flying bishop appointment

Statement on the appointment of Andy Lines from the English conservative evangelical group


Gavin Ashenden reflects on the birth and near death of Christian culture

We have hardly yet even found the courage to acknowledge the truth about the problem, let alone find a solution- assuming we even want one.


Ad clerum letter from Foley Beach on the appointment of Andy Lines as bishop in Europe

Although we are the consecrating Province, this is a Gafcon initiative and their presence will demonstrate that this is a global event. 


Q&A on new ACNA bishop in Europe

Andy Lines to be flying bishop with a special mission for Europe ACNA FAC sheet reports


ACC Secretary-General responds to Scotland gay marriage vote

"This is a departure from the faith and teaching upheld by the overwhelming majority of Anglican provinces on the doctrine of marriage."


SEC changes Marriage Canon

The General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church today voted in favour of altering the church’s Canon on Marriage to remove the definition that marriage is between a man and a woman and add a new


Welby fiddles while the SEC burns

David Ould comments on the Archbishop of Canterbury's Scottish plans


Islam and Islamism: A study in truth telling

Gavin Ashenden asks how long political and church leaders can keep the lie going of peaceful Islam


Boko Haram child suicide bombers kill 9

Two children blew themselves uo near as refugee camp in northern Cameroon


Doctors deny treatment: a Christian worker dies

Muslim doctors refuse to treat unclean Christian during Ramadan


Paris climate withdrawal violates Christian faith

Western Massachusetts Bishop Douglas Fisher and other Mass clergy have issued a statement calling President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord a violation of "the values and vision that are basic to Christian faith" and "morally wrong."


Normalisation of underage sex is leaving children unprotected, says national family charity

152-page report examines the findings of serious case reviews of child sexual exploitation in several parts of England,

School chaplain guilty of abuse

Former priest "Howdie" White sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in Massachusetts


Archbishop Ntahoturi takes up post in Rome

Former Archbishop of Burundi meets with Pope Francis


GAFCON to appoint missionary bishop for Scotland

Statement by Gafcon on its plans to send a bishop to Scotland


Transgender rebaptism up for debate at General Synod

Synod to debate call for ban on conversion therapy and rebaptism of transgendered individuals


Statement by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on US withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

Despite this announcement, many U.S. businesses, states, cities, regions, nongovernmental organizations and faith bodies like the Episcopal Church can continue to take bold action to address the climate crisis. 


New USCIRF Report on Religious Minorities in Kurdistan

USCIRF recognizes the KRI’s religious freedoms as “comparatively robust” as opposed to its regional neighbors


Anglicans and Catholics Meet at Waffle House


In ecumenical discussions these aspects of Anglicanism are treated rather like the crazy aunt you have chained in the attic.


Anglicans and Roman Catholics agreed statement on ecclesiology

Statement from the seventh meeting of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission's third round of talks


Archbishop Makgoba's sermon at 500th anniversary celebration of the Reformation

A sermon delivered to a Festive Service celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation at the 36th German Protestant Kirchentag, at the Elbe Meadows, Wittenberg


Statement on Egypt massacre by the Archbishop in Jerusalem

The convoy which was on its way for peaceful pilgrimage for prayer and devotion was confronted with the evil of terrorism and horrors of death and destruction.


Ascension Day letter from the Archbishop in Jerusalem

We celebrate our church as a Communion that always strives to work for and live in the Truth as revealed in Scripture, that honours a tradition which has been passed down since the Apostles; and understands that God reveals himself day-by-day in our lives and the lives of those whom we serve.


Dr. Kunonga deserted by allies

Four key lieutenants seek separate trial from breakaway bishop


Welby responds to massacre of Egyptian pilgrims

Statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury following the terror attack in Egypt


Ugandan bishop detained after fatal road accident

Bishop George Erwau questioned over collision with a boda-boda that left a passenger dead


New Primate for Pakistan

Humphrey Peters of Peshawar elected moderator


Bishop challenges PM's claim that all is well

Bahamaian bishop urges voters to follow their conscience, not the party line, in voting


Vicar-General for Iran appointed

The Revd Dr Albert Walters appointed Vicar General for the Diocese of Iran for a six month period.


Bishop Parson's response to BC Bishops rejection of reconsideration

Letter of May 17, 2017 from Bishop David Parsons to Archbishop John Privett's rejection of reconsideration of Worley decision


Bishop of the Arctic denounces colleagues over rejection of Jake Worley

Charges of cant and hypocrisy have been leveled by Bishop David Parsons against the bishops of British Columbia and Yukon


Anglican Unscripted #290 - Will the ACNA fold over Orders?

The Holy Orders Task Force has completed a long investigation into a tough topic.... What's Next?


Canterbury concludes pilgrimage to Holy Land

Justin Welby concludes ten day visit to Jordan, Israel and Palestine


Concordat of communion between the ACNA and Church of Bangladesh

We ask the people of our provinces keep this relationship in their prayers, and invite you to be open to opportunities that the Holy Spirit may bring to join in united Christian witness and ministr


CHEXIT:- Staying, leaving or consecrating new bishops

Gavin Ashenden calls for a new Christian scaffolding for the church in England



Hundreds of thousands worldwide prepare to pray Thy Kingdom Come


Philippine bishop arrested in anti-terror sweep

IFI Bishop Carlo Morales arrested with Communist guerilla leader on Thursday in Mindanao


Worley election overturned in Canada

House of Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of BC & Yukon registers objection to election of the Rev. Jacob Worley


ACNA Holy Orders Task Force Report

Report presented to the ACNA House of Bishops detailing the arguments and issues surrounding the ordination of women


Bishop of Costa Rica translated to Texas

Hector Monterroso to become assistant Bishop of Texas


New primate elected for the Philippines

Joel  Pachao elected 6th prime bishop of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines.


Welsh bishop asks parish to rethink yoga ban

Bishop Joanna Penberthy has asked a parish to rethink its ban on allowing yoga classes in its parish hall


National Cathedral Dean Randy Hollerith Criticizes Executive Order Weakening the Johnson Amendment

In response to an executive order issued by President Donald Trump on Thursday, May 4, instructing the Treasury and the IRS not to enforce provisions in the Johnson Amendment regarding political ac


Mokiwa down, but not out

Tanzanian bishops affirm deposition of former archbishop Valentino Mokiwa, but decline to sign the minutes of the meeting making it "official"


“How on Earth do you forgive like this?”

Archbishop Mouneer Anis reflects on the persecution of Christians in Egypt


'Credible Bishops' paper

A discussion paper prepared for the 19-20 September 2016 ReNew Conference in Leeds


Cook denied parole

The former suffragan bishop of Maryland was denied early release from prison today for her seven year sentence for vehicular manslaughter.


Jesmond Parish statement on Pryke consecration

Consecration of "new style English bishop" took place off site from Jesmond Parish


Missionary bishop for Britain consecrated at Jesmond

Consecration of Jonathan Pryke not part of GAFCON's plan, Peter Jensen reports


Irish synod rejects gay apology motioun

The Church of Ireland’s General Synod has declined to apologize to same-sex couples whose relationships the church has refused to bless.


Bishop of Sodor & Man announced

Anglo-Catholic bishop-elect has promised to ordain women clergy


Communique from the Feb meeting of Southern African bishops

We discussed the Pastoral Guidelines for ministry to those in same-sex relationships, which are still incomplete. We asked Archbishop Thabo to set up a small group of Bishops to work on completing them, together with others who could help the process.


Anti-gay hate crime at Indiana church ruled a hoax

Parish organist spray-painted graffitti to create a fake conservative hate crime against gays


Scottish response to the GAFCON Lagos communique

The news that GAFCON intends to send a missionary bishop to Britain is regrettable