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Trial date for St James the Great Newport Beach set

Lawsuit to stop sale of parish by Bishop Jon Bruno set for trial on 1 Aug 2016


Francis and Kirill to meet in Havana

Joint Press Release of the Holy See and of the Patriarchate of Moscow


Did Henry VIII suffer same brain injury as some NFL players?

“It is intriguing to think that modern European history may have changed forever because of a blow to the head,” said Arash Salardini, behavioral neurologist, co-director of the Yale Memory Clinic and senior author of the study.


Disquiet over Wycliffe Hall chapel invitation to Martyn Percy

A representative of the Student Common Room has met twice with the Principal to raise concerns ...


AI Author Biographies -- Gavin Ashenden

The Rev’d Canon Dr Gavin Ashenden, is at presently a part time parish priest, looking after a small parish on the Island of Jersey, where he took semi retirement in order to be able to write a little more.


Church of Ireland Gazette calls for rites for same-sex marriages

As the church’s teachings on divorce and remarriage had evolved over time, so too should it rethink gay marriage. 


AI Author Biographies -- George Conger

The Very Rev George Conger serves as editor and chief news writer for Anglican Ink and has been called by the Daily Telegraph the most knowledgable reporter covering the Anglican world today. 


EU labels ISIS persecution of Christians as genocide

The European Parliament has condemned the Islamic State for committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities.


Archbishop of Nigeria reports on the Canterbury primates gathering

In the meantime, the state of broken communion with TEC and Canada and those churches that are following their bad examples remains in place.


Christ from the ashes of communism

"In the early 1980’s I became a smuggler. I smuggled bibles, history and theology books, as well as medicine, into the Soviet Union", Gavin Ashenden writes


Anglicans Confront Challenge of Islam

Christianity and Islam ... in many parts of the world, they are on a collision course.


New poll reveals top ways to get more people to visit churches

New poll shows public back Government funding for church heritage and reveals top ways to get more people to visit churches


Supreme Court blocks adoption of church constitution

Court hands down injunction against implementation of the Church of South India's constitution following complaints that it was procured by fraud and in a manner contrary to canon law


Bishop of Chichester statement following article in Brighton Argus

The feature article contains an interview with the survivor of abuse at the centre of the story about former Bishop of Chichester, George Bell.


NZ Bishops oppose proposed euthanasia legislation

Nine New Zealand bishops have made a submission to the country’s Parliament urging no change to the law where the “right to die” is concerned.


Bishop of Norwich asks British government to recognize Palestinian state

"Would not a principled recognition of Palestinian statehood facilitate rather than hamper renewed negotiations?"


AU 216 - TEC being TEC being TEC

Anglican Unscripted is the only video newscast in the Anglican Church. Each Episode Kevin, George, Allan and Peter bring you news and prospective from around the globe.


Life sentence for priest parricide

Isaac Tiharihondi (20) will never be eligible for parole for murdering his father, the Rev. Dr. Israel Ahimbisibwe, his stepmother Dorcus, and his five year old brother 


New Wine director stands down

Mark Bailey has resigned as national director of the Church of England’s leading network of evangelical and charismatic parishes after proceedings under the Clergy Disciplinary Measure were initiated. 


Nigerian House of Bishops meeting in Kubwa

The 172-member House of Bishops of the Church of Nigeria meets this week outside of Abuja for its annual meeting of the church’s Standing Committee.


Mistakes were made, bishop concedes, in promoting pedophile priest

The former Bishop of Tasmania conceded that he had made a “very serious oversight” in allowing a priest accused of sexually abusing boys to be made life vice-president of the Church of England Boys' Society


Bishop condemns witch murders

The Bishop of Upper Shire has condemned as “satanic and barbaric” the murder of four elderly people accused of sorcery.


I’ve changed my mind on the gay cake row. Here’s why

I have changed my mind. Much as I wish to defend the gay community, I also want to defend freedom of conscience, expression and religion.


China arrests top church leader as cross-removal crackdown grows

China has arrested the pastor of the country’s largest officially recognised church 


Archbishop rebukes Muslim slurs against Christian missions to Borneo

Archbishop Bolly Lapok has criticized a leading Islamist politician for claiming Christian missionaries had converted the Dyaks of Borneo by fraud after their own faith had been rejected by the elites of England


Public Lecture: How We Are Made: Embryos, Biology and Belief

This term's public lecture is presented by Jeff Hardin, Professor and Chair of the Department of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  


Patriarch Kirill Addresses the Synaxis of Primates of Local Orthodox Churches

His Holiness highlighted in detail the church situation in Ukraine, saying, ‘In Ukraine today over 30 churches have been captured by force and 10 more are under threat. Schismatics and nationalists who support them claim it as ‘voluntary moves’ of the faithful to the so-called ‘Kiev Patriarchate’. 


Keynote Address By His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew To the Synaxis of the Primates of the Orthodox Churches

This particular Synaxis has a very special character because it is bound to the fundamental ecclesiological principle of the Church’s conciliarity inasmuch as it its primary objective is to prepare the forthcoming convocation,


Dutch politician calls for end to Muslim migration to Europe

"Last but not least, we want to stop the Islamization of our free societies. I say: no more. We chose freedom and will not compromise anymore." -- Geert Wilders


Bishop of Washington responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I regret that the primates’ decision has caused pain to those who have been deeply wounded by prejudice in the church they love because of their sexual orientation.


Provisional Bishop of San Joaquin responds to the Canterbury primates communique

The level of my sadness in response to The Episcopal Church’s “suspension” in particular from Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialogues, is immeasurable.


Suffragan Bishop of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe responds to the Canterbury primates communique

Last week's meeting of the 38 heads of the Communion's churches, chaired by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, was another example of Schadenfreude disappointed


No election for Niassa

Choice of new bishop for northern Mozambique diocese falls to the South African House of Bishops


West African church consecrates a new bishop for The Gambia

James Odico consecrated 7th Bishop of the Diocese of Gambia on 24 Jan 2016 at St Mary’s Cathedral in Banjul


To the Laos - To the People of God: Tensions in the Communion?

My focus in this letter is on the meeting of Primates from across the Anglican Communion which we held in the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral this month, and on the communiqué we issued afterwards, dealing with a number of issues but attracting most attention because of the differences among us over our teaching on matters of human sexuality.


ANiC Bishop reflects on Primates gathering

Ever since I returned from Canterbury, arriving home Monday, January 18, I have been praying about and wanting to share with all of you in the Diocese a bit more information and some further reflec


Columba Declaration released by Church of England and Church of Scotland

A landmark Report which proposes that the Church of Scotland and the Church of England enter into an historic ecumenical partnership agreement has been published today.


Scottish Episcopal concerns over church union brushed aside by Church of England

Scottish Episcopal Church responds to the Colomba Declaration released by the Church of Scotland and Church of England


Pennsylvania announces episcopal election slate

Slate of five candidates: The Rev. Frank Allen, Rector, St. David’s Wayne, PA; The Rev. Canon Daniel Gutierrez, Canon to the Ordinary Diocese of the Rio Grande; The Rev. Canon John Harmon, Rector, Trinity Church Washington; The Rev. Martha Macgill, Rector, Emmanuel Cumberland, Md; The Rt. Rev. Dean Wolfe, Bishop of Kansas


BBC to televise final moments of a suicide

The BBC has come under fire over a documentary showing an assisted suicide taking place at a facility in Switzerland.


Vicar shot and wounded during church invasion

Gunmen stormed an Anglican Church in Nigeria’s Diocese of the Niger Delta during worship services on Sunday, abducting a member of the congregation


Bahamas archdeacon sacked

“It is most unfortunate that information about this diocesan administrative matter has hit the public domain prematurely, with the accompanying embellishments and interpretations, that is, stating that the sole reason for my decision was archdeacon’s failure to apologise to the prime minister. Nothing could be further from the truth.”


AU 215 - Mark your Calendar

Kevin Kallsen and George Conger discuss Justin Welby's cunning plan to deflect discussion about the Anglican Communion


Anglo-Catholic lay congress set for Coventry

Rowan Williams to be lead speaker for 5 March 2016 event.


Day of prayer and fasting for Pittsburgh

The Standing Committee is calling for the observance of a diocesan-wide day of Prayer & Fasting on Wednesday, February 3, 2016.  


Pope asks for forgiveness for Catholic conduct towards other Christians

The text of the Homily given by Pope Francis at the Vespers Service marking the end of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity held in the Basilica of St Paul Outside-the-Walls in Rome on 25 Jan 2016


Disgraced archbishop to appear before Royal Commission on abuse

Dr. George is expected to be questioned about a pedophile ring led by a Church of England Boys Society worker Robert Brandenburg.


Holy & Great Orthodox Council set for June in Crete

The primates of the Orthodox Churches meeting in Chambesy, Switzerland have agreed to hold the church’s first Orthodox Holy and Great Council in almost 1000 years this June in Crete.


ACNA responds to claims Foley Beach was banned from voting at the Primates gathering

The Anglican Church in North America has received numerous questions regarding whether or not Archbishop Beach was “a full voting member of the Primates Meeting"


Bishop of Hawaii responds to the Canterbury primates communique

In practical terms of our mission and ministry, the Primates’ statement will have very little impact.


Anglicans Mobilize for Life

For the first time, Anglican Christians have presented a conference timed with the national March for Life aimed at mobilizing U.S.


Orthodox primates meeting begins in Switzerland

The primates of the 15 autocephalous Orthodox churches have begun a week long Synaxis in Chambesy to decide whether to convene the proposed Holy and Great Orthodox Council this year in Istanbul.


Welby speaks at World Economic Forum on responding to extremism

“We say better materialism will help us: nobody goes to Syria because they think they’ll get a better car next year. It just isn’t the way their thinking is. It’s a theological and ideological problem, and until we regain the capacity to use theological and ideological vocabulary, we will not be able to counter extremism effectively.”


God’s care throughout life

So many people I speak with have close family members or friends who are living with dementia.

Their stories are often urgent, sad and filled with questions.


My Request For Australia Day: Please Stop Attacking Extremists

Extremism is not the problem. There is nothing wrong with extremism. It all depends on what cause you are extreme about, and how you implement it.


Primates call for a common date for Easter in trouble

Moscow only agreeable to Catholics and Protestants adopting the Julian calendar


Diocese of Chichester defends handling of George Bell abuse claims

 Bishop Bell has not been denied the ‘presumption of innocence’, because proceedings were never brought before a criminal court. 


Religious Left demands action from Justin Welby

Open letter of 19 Jan 2016 from progressive Church of England leaders calling for the archbishop to take action in support of gays and lesbians


Bishop of Albany responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I pray that The Episcopal Church will humble itself and honor the Primates' request


Publisher pulls expose of Church of England in face of legal threats

A history of the Church of England since the Second World War has been withdrawn by its publisher, who has requested all review copies be returned, after a legal complaint was made.


Bishop of El Camino Real responds to the Canterbury primates communique

This moment will be particularly painful for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.  I love you very much and I am sorry for this further assault on your being.


Bishop of Nevada responds to the Canterbury primates communique

If being excluded from committees for three years is the price we have to pay for full inclusion of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, it is a price I would pay many times over.


Bishop of Alaska responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I return to Alaska today following a week of meetings with our brothers and sisters from the dioceses of Navajoland, S. Dakota, and N. Dakota.


Bishop of Minnesota responds to the Canterbury primates communique

We continue to have great relationships with our sisters and brothers in other parts of the Anglican Church such as Haiti, Cuba, Uganda, and Belize.


Bishop of Iowa responds to the Canterbury primates communique

Decision has no effect on close ties between Iowa and Kenyan diocese Bishop Scarfe reports


Bishop of Colorado responds to the Canterbury primates communique

This decision does not change the dynamic of who we are as the Episcopal Church in Colorado and it does not change the important work and ministry we will continue to do together 


Bishop of Southern Ohio responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I am saddened by the Anglican Primates' decision to discipline the Episcopal Church owing to the disparity in our understanding of marriage.


Bishop of Maine responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I want to be clear that nothing has changed in either The Episcopal Church or the Diocese of Maine


Bishop of Los Angeles responds to the Canterbury primates communique

We in the Diocese of Los Angeles remain in strengthened solidarity with LGBT sisters and brothers around the globe


Former San Diego dean deposed for misconduct

Scott Richardson deposed for an action that “does not relate to financial improprieties or minor children" writes Bishop James Mathes


Bishop of Montana responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I wonder who is being punished by this high-handed action. The rest of the communion will now not have benefit of the considerable talents of the TEC.


Bishop of Arizona responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I want to make it very clear that this decision in no way invalidates the actions of our own church

Bishop of Northern Indiana responds to the Canterbury primates communique

 I believe that we should receive the Primates' communiqué humbly and with a teachable spirit.


Bishop of Indianapolis responds to the Canterbury primates communique

Here in the United States it took us decades to learn to have rational conversations about issues such as alcoholism, HIV/AIDS, and smoking, not that we have universal agreement about them. We still struggle mightily to have constructive conversation about mental illness, environmental stewardship, and gun control.


Assistant Bishop of West Virginia responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I believe that the Anglican Communion is a significant sign of God’s Kingdom to our world, and that we should do everything we can to maintain this witness


Bishop of Western North Carolina responds to the Canterbury primates communique

As much as the Primates’ actions hurt, in the long run they are part of God’s resetting of the Body.


Bishop of West Tennessee responds to the Canterbury primates communique

Today we may be in the majority.  Tomorrow, the minority.  Either way, we cannot manage or vote our way into faithful witness.  


Bishop of Alabama responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I’m not sure where this is leading. I don’t know how The Episcopal Church will react to the Primates’ statement


Bishop of Southern Virginia responds to the Canterbury primates communique

While we have been censured, the primate's recent decision also confirms the Communion's "unanimous commitment to walk together".


Bishop of West Missouri responds to the Canterbury primates communique

Yesterday, January 14, 2016, the Meeting of the Primates of the Anglican Communion, by a majority vote of the primates then present, voted to sanction The Episcopal Church (hereafter TEC) because o


Bishop of Rochester (NY) responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I pledge to continue protecting the dignity of every human being in my care and in guarding the sanctity of marriage as approved by the General Convention 


Archbishop Mouneer Anis reflects on the Canterbury primates gathering

Six Primates voted for no consequences and a simple rebuke, but the overwhelming majority, thirty Primates, voted for some form of consequence of varying severity.


Bishop of Central New York responds to the Canterbury primates communique

The Primate’s decision to censure The Episcopal Church compounds the pain of discrimination that LGBTQ people have suffered over the centuries and continue to suffer as a result of Church policy.


Reflection by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the primates gathering

This was a meeting where we discussed whether or not we could stay together as one family after one member has taken unilateral action – in this case, making a fundamental departure from the faith and teaching on marriage


Statement by the Primate Bishop of Brazil on the Canterbury primates gathering

[Portuguese original below] As I expressed earlier, I did not want to communicate anything prior to the end of the meeting regarding the heat of the debates that followed the discussion ta


Inclusive Church, Modern Church and Progressive Christianity Network respond to the Canterbury primates communique

We now call for tangible signs of the sorrow expressed by the Primates for the way the communion has acted towards people on the basis of their sexuality


Bishop of Tennessee responds to the Canterbury primates communique

Some members of our church will be surprised at these developments ... yet they were foreseeable in terms of previous developments and outcomes over the past decade and a half. 


Forward in Faith-North America responds to the Canterbury primates communique

Forward in Faith North America rejoices in the recent statement by the Primates of the Anglican Communion in support of marriage defined as a covenant between one man and one woman.


Prima di ogni contrasto -- Vatican response to the Canterbury primates gathering

Fr Anthony Currer of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity gives an appraisal of the problems of the Anglican Communion in L'Osservatore Romano, 21 Jan 2016 p 5.


Bishop of Moray, Ross & Caithness responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I stand with those who seek to reveal the love of God to all of God’s children and at this moment I hear that in the voice of The Episcopal Church in America


Bishop of Oregon responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I stand with Bishop Curry and affirm our diocesan family as a house of prayer for all people.