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Memories of Jack Spong

Jack Spong's recent brush with death turned my thoughts to an article I published in 2013 in GetReligion on the former Bishop of Newark, now recovering fron a stroke at a New Jersey nursing home. First published on 11 Oct 2013.


Asia Bibi Supreme Court Appeal Postponed

The Pakistan Supreme Court has postponed the appeal of Asia Bibi, sentenced to death in 2010 for blasphemy, after one of the judges recused himself from the case


Four year wait for bishop ends for Central Indian diocese

After a four year vacancy the Church of South India has appointed a Bishop in Medak.


Sharia law push for Malaysia

Islamist political leaders in Malaysia have introduced a bill to introduce Sharia law across the South East Asian nation.


West Ankole clergy rebel against Archbishop Ntagali

Eleven clergy have brought a lawsuit against Archbishop Ntagali had violated church canons and slandered the leaders of the diocese when he appointed his own commission to select candidates to replace the outgoing Bishop of West Ankole.


Anne Germond elected 11th Bishop of Algoma

South African elected as the Canadian diocese's first woman bishop                      


Gretchen M. Rehberg elected ninth bishop of Spokane

The Rev. Canon Gretchen M. Rehberg has been elected as the ninth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, which is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.


Kenyan church says no to sex ed. classes

Archbishop Sapit asks govt to consult with all "stakeholders" in developing state sexual education curriculum


Kyrill & Queen discuss Christianity in Europe

On October 18, 2016, His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, met with Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the Buckingham Palace in London.


Kyrill warns Canterbury against apostasy

Russian Church statement following meeting of Patriarch Kyrill and Archbishop Justin Welby


No Queen's Corgi for Kyrill

Russian press reports mistaken -- puppy presented by parishioners of the Russian Cathedral in London


Indian church to recruit more female clergy

CSI to recruit and promote more women clergy, but will not fast track women to meet gender quotas


Iranian pastor freed from prison

Iranian pastor Behnam Irani has been released from prison after being jailed for six years for leading a house church and sharing his faith


Canterbury welcomes Kyrill to Lambeth Palace

The Archbishop of Canterbury welcomed the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia to Lambeth Palace today. 


Kyrill asks Anglicans to partner with Russia for world peace

"I am convinced that cooperation between the Russian Orthodox Church and Christians communities in England is called to make a weighty contribution, including in the development of relations between our two countries and peoples." Kyrill


Royal Mint releases Christmas coin designed by the Bishop of St Asaph

The Christmas commemorative issue will be the second coin designed by the Rt. Rev Gregory Cameron


Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby issue common declaration

The power of Christ, however, would not be limited by the shame of sectarian division, they said last week


Anglicans & Catholics celebrate 50 years of ecumenical dialogue

The International Anglican Roman Catholic Commission on Unity and Mission (IARCCUM) has concluded a week long meeting marking the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of ecumenical dialo


Bishops, two by two, set off from Rome

Nineteen pairs of bishops have been named by Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury to lead joint missions to their home countries in the name of the undivided church.


The Salvation Army launches anti-slavery campaign

Research reveals Brits accept reality of modern slavery but most can’t spot the signs and aren’t aware of what they can do to address it 


Patriarch of Serbia pays a call on Archbishop Welby

Patriarch Irinej and Archbishop Welby discuss closer ties between the Anglican world and the Serbian Orthodox Church


Corgi for Kyrill

Queen Elizabeth presents a corgi to the Patriarch of Moscow during his visit to London


Church condolences upon the death of the King of Thailand

The Anglican Church in Thailand has offered its condolences following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej yesterday


California Episcopal bishops call for abolition of the death penalty

The Episcopal bishops in the state of California have issued a statement in support of Proposition 62 which calls for the repeal of the death penalty in the state.


Lexington doesn't want its bishop back

Standing Committee calls for "dissolution of the pastoral relationship between Bishop Hahn and the Diocese of Lexington"


Chile hosts "Walking Together" Conference for Latin American Anglicans

Anglicans from 11 Nations met at the “Walking Together” Conference in Santiago, to encourage mission and the planting of new churches throughout the Americas.


Major New Art Installation Unveiled at St Paul's Bloor Street

This new sculpture, entitled "When I Was a Stranger", invites pedestrians to sit on bronze stools, joining the cloaked figure of Jesus Christ


AU 250 - Action in Cairo

Gafcon and the Global South put pen to paper and the results are fruitful.


Perth archbishop steps down over abuse cover up allegations

Archbishop Roger Herft had been accused of ignoring reports of child abuse amongst the clergy and covering up or acquiescing to the falsification of reports on abuse.


Liberal SA clergy promise to defy synod after it rejects gay blessings

Some clergy to go ahead with gay blessings, though synod leaders see homosexuality as "unnatural"


GAFCON launches bishops' training institute

The GAFCON group has launched an international training school for new bishops, the Primate of Nigeria, the Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh announced last week.


Church in Wales attendance plummets

Average Sunday attendance declined 5 per cent between 2014 and 2015, with 0.9 per cent of the population worshipping in Church of Wales congregations on Sunday.


Ulster parade impasse resolved

The Church of Ireland has welcomed the Belfast Agreement reached  by Unionist and Republican leaders to end the impasse over the route of an Orange Order parade through North Belfast.


Archbishop of Canterbury's Vatican speech

The text of Archbishop Justin Welby's address to Pope Francis during their meeting in Rome, 6 October.


Statement from the Global South Primates and GAFCON Primates Council Concerning Same-sex Unions

Any pastoral provision by a church for a same-sex couple (such as a liturgy or a service to bless their sexual union) that obviates the need for repentance and a commitment to pursue a change of conduct enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit, would contravene the orthodox and historic teaching of the Anglican Communion on marriage and sexuality


Unity - The real and counterfeit

Dr. Peter Jensen looks at the use and misuse of Jesus' call 'that they all may be one' in the Anglican world today


IARCCUM Communique from Rome meeting

Statement released by the International Anglican Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission following its 30 September – 7 October 2016 meeting in Rome


Presiding Bishop message in the wake of Hurricane Matthew

Presiding Bishop urges support for Episcopal Relief and Development's fundraising appeals for hurricane relief.


Day 4 Report from the Cairo Global South Conference

Fifteen TEC bishops, representing 10 percent of the whole, were a faithful remnant, Bishop Love said, which has not bent the knee. One reason he remains within the Episcopal Church is to remain faithful to them.


Bruno attempts to run out the clock

Report from St James the Great -- Oct 26 hearing date for motion to compel Bishop Bruno to reopen parish


Michael Curry speaks from Rome

Presiding Bishop travels to Rome for 50th anniversary celebration of Anglican - Roman Catholic dialogue.


Christa returns to Cathedral of St John the Divine

Controversial sculpture of a female crucified Christ returns to Manhattan cathedral


Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby “undeterred” by “serious obstacles” to unity

The ordination of women and “more recent questions regarding human sexuality” are serious obstacles in the path to unity ... but they “cannot prevent us from recognising one another as brothers and sisters in Christ" say Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby


Copts pledge solidarity with Anglican conservatives

Coptic Patriach: "we carry on our dialogue with the Anglican Communion in order to encourage the Anglican conservatives to continue abiding to the true and genuine Biblical principles"


Archbishops meet with Egypt's al-Sisi

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt welcomed today a delegation of 16 archbishops from the Anglican Global South, led by the Most Rev. Mouneer Hanna Anis, Primate of the Episcopal Church in Jer


Day 2 Report from the Cairo Global South Conference

Archbishop John Chew and Bishop Bill Musk review the history of the Global South movement and the challenges of holding the diverse faith movement within Anglicanism together


Archbishop of Canterbury appoints Adviser for Anglican Communion Affairs

The Archbishop of Canterbury has appointed Rt Revd Anthony Poggo, currently Bishop of Kajo-Keji in South Sudan, as his new Adviser for Anglican Communion Affairs


Kenyan archbishop's election pastoral letter

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit asks politicians to refrain from appealing to tribal and sectarian passions as the country prepares for national elections


Call for editors and transcribers

Anglican Ink is looking for editorial assistance. Will you help?


Day 1 Report from Cairo Global South Conference

Archbishop Anis denounces the "ideological slavery" imposed by the West upon the Anglican world 


Ridley Hall Principal called to Leeds

The Revd Canon Andrew Norman has been appointed to the new post of Director of Ministry and Mission in the Diocese of Leeds.


Sermon: Do all dogs go to heaven? Yes, and even cats do too

George Conger looks at church traditions on animal souls, and argues they will find a place in paradise


Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope to meet at the Vatican

Archbishop Justin Welby and Pope Francis will be celebrating 50 years of closer ties between the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.


Statement by the Archbishop of Cape Town on the synod vote rejecting gay marriage

[T]he debate is not over. ... it was notable that a number of opponents of the motion did not reject it out of hand, but suggested instead that opinion in our Church was not yet ready for such a move.


Bishops are the problem with Anglicanism, GAFCON leader says

Bishops "tasked with defending the Church from false teaching actually promoted it," Archbishop Nicholas Okoh


Sixth Global South to South Conference set for Cairo

From October 3-8, All Saints Cathedral in Cairo, Egypt will host the sixth conference of the Anglican Global South.


Anglican Church of Southern Africa rejects gay blessings

Bishops, clergy and lay orders vote down synod motion seeking approval of gay blessings


Duncan appeal raises $727K

Dear Clergy, Members and Friends of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh:


Archbishop of Canterbury pays tribute to Shimon Peres

"Shimon Peres led an extraordinary life of service to the nation of Israel:" Archbishop Justin Welby


Presiding BIshop offers condolences upon the death of Shimon Peres

We in the Episcopal Church join with our brothers and sisters throughout the world in mourning the passing of Shimon Peres.


Church doctrine responsible for anti-Semitism says Welby

"We must stand together against antisemitism" says Archbishop of Canterbury


Cape Town archbishop calls for end to student protests

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba  urged university students to return to their classrooms following a week of violent protests over proposed hikes in tuition.


Ugandan Church to focus on the family in 2017

Ugandan families were “facing deliberate attack by different evil forces both from within and outside,” Archbishop Ntagali said


Final respects paid to former Bishop of Durham

Memorial Service held today for the late Dr. David Jenkins


Archbishops' statement on Ulster parade agreement

Archbishops applaud resolution of Loyalist/Republican dispute in Belfast


Justin Welby affirms traditional family values in the face of a changing world

Transcript of 22 Sept 2016 address cast doubts on claim the archbishop denounced "Victorian" morals and family structures


Archbishop of Canterbury writes in defense of church schools

The CofE has educated millions of Britons alive today, and it has ambitious plans to extend its reach, Archbishop Justin Welby writes in the Times Education Supplement


Woman bishop address Forward in Faith-Wales on living well with diversity

At a conference organized by Credo Cymru, the body representing traditionalist beliefs in the Church in Wales, the Bishop of Gloucester, the Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, has spoken about living with div


Anglican and Catholic bishops on pilgrimage to Canterbury and Rome

Thirty-six IARCCUM Anglican and Catholic bishops, representing 19 different regions where Anglicans and Catholics live side by side in significant number, will meet in Canterbury and Rome for a summit meeting in October of this year. 


Archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster write to Polish President

Letter to Andrzej Duda from Archishop Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols on English prejudice against Poles in Britain


NZ Bishops statement on Euthanasia

Submission from 9 Anglican bishops to the Health Select Committee on Medically Assisted Dying


NZ church council urges parliament to reject euthanasia

In an oral submission to the Health Select Committee this week, three members of the InterChurch Bioethics Council (ICBC) presented a submission to oppose legalising assisted suicide or euthanasia in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Episcopal Church Continues Uninterrupted Decline

Declines in Episcopal Church membership continue a downward spiral that began in the early 2000s.


AU 248 - Wexit Time

Some British politicians are complaining about that Welby guy.


Civil unrest cuts short Nigerian bishops meeting

The Church of Nigeria cut short the joint meeting of its standing committee and house of bishops following the threat of civil unrest by supporters of an independent Biafra.


Cape Town archbishop backs country's embattled finance minister

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has published an open letter to SA Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan offering his prayers and full support along with those of “people of faith” across the country.


China prints 150 millionth Bible

State Protestant Church's publishing arm makes milestone


Congolese archbishop installed

The Most Rev. Zacharie Masimango Katanda has been installed as Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church of the Congo at a service held at the Cathedral of SS Peter & Paul in Kinshasa on 10 Sept 2016


Justyn Terry to Oxford

Appointed academic dean of Wycliffe Hall


Toronto elects first partnered "gay" bishop

The Diocese of Toronto elected three suffragan bishops at a special meeting of synod including the Anglican Church of Canada’s first “gay” bishop.


Episcopal Church Bishop for Armed Services and Federal Ministries elected

The Rev. Carl Wright was elected Episcopal Church Bishop Suffragan for Armed Services and Federal Ministries on the second ballot.


DA will not file charges against rifle rector

An Episcopal priest who spent $3000 from his church discretionary fund to purchase an AR-15 will not be prosecuted for transferring the weapon without conducting a background check, the Clackamas County District Attorney said.


Archbishop of Central Africa writes to Ban Ki-moon on refugees

At the request of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Albert Chama has written to the UN Secretary General ahead of the UN summit on refugees and migrants today.


Spong discharged from Michigan hospital

Controversial bishop under going rehabilitation at a New Jersey nursing home


Peter Jensen on "The Power of the Laity"

"Access to the Bible empowers the laity. It enables them to test all things for themselves. It enables them to live the Christian life both inside and outside the Church."


Welsh evangelicals urge Christians to place their faith in Scripture, not Barry Morgan

The Archbishop of Wales claims the Bible supports same-sex relationships, but the Evangelical Fellowship of the Church in Wales considers this a licence to disregard biblical authority.