Bishop of Southern Virginia responds to the Canterbury primates communique


Bishop of Southern Virginia responds to the Canterbury primates communique


Herman Hollerith

As you may already know, the Anglican Primates, meeting in Canterbury, England, voted to suspend The Episcopal Church from decision-making and interfaith bodies of the Anglican Communion for three years. The suspension is a direct response to The Episcopal Church's decision at General Convention last year to authorize marriage of same-sex couples.

My initial reaction to the agreement was one of surprise, followed by disappointment. I'm particularly disappointed that our new Presiding Bishop, who was present at the meeting, was forced to endure what was most certainly a difficult and painful experience. I ask that you keep Michael in your prayers.

Despite what you are hearing from the media, The Episcopal Church has not been removed from the Anglican Communion. While we have been censured, the primate's recent decision also confirms the Communion's "unanimous commitment to walk together".

From my perspective, this recent decision should not in any way seriously impact the mission and ministry of the greater Episcopal Church. It certainly should not affect our ministry here in Southern Virginia.

In closing, let me say that I find myself agreeing with Bishop Curry's hopeful statement that this recent turn of events is perhaps part of our calling to lead the Communion in its becoming a church where all God's children are fully welcomed. Please pray for The Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion as we continue to walk together in spite of our differences.

+Holly Hollerith