Sydney archbishop to assist in the consecration of Andy Lines

Archbishop Glenn Davies writes the decision to disregard his primate's advice and consecrate a missionary bishop for Britain was not taken lightly. 


Taz Bishop to assist in the consecration of GAFCON bishop for Scotland

The Rt. Rev. Richard Condie, Bishop of Tasmania, has written to the House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Australia, stating his reasons for participating in the consecration of Andy Lines as the ACNA bishop for Europe


Perjury and fraud allegations raised against Bishop Jon Bruno

Bruno's "conduct is so suspicious that the Church Attorney now believes a forensic audit of the books of the Corp Sole is necessary" pleading states.


Police ransack Coptic social services center in Egypt

Police violence is green light for more offences by Jihadists against Christians, Coptic activist charges


Jayne Ozanne on 'Spiritual Abuse'

Claims that gays suffer spiritual abuse at the hands of traditional Christians fail to convince, Martin Davie writes


Welby is guilty of rank hypocrisy

Justin Welby has thrown George Carey to the wolves.


Lord Carey to step down as Hon. Assistant Bishop of Oxford

Former archbishop to step back from Oxford ministry in light of criticisms raised of his handling of the Peter Ball case